4 in 1: Push Up Challenge

From HowStuffWorks, we propose the following exercise with which you can train in a comprehensive way, especially when you do not have too much time and want to do something at home. It is a good way to work on circuit since it implies a cardiovascular demand as we work with loads.

Works your pectorals, triceps, shoulders and abdominals with this sequence of exercises called push-up challenge. It’s a series of different variants of funds or traditional push-ups that involve work in the abdominal area.

From the normal Flex we climbed to the position called superman, in which we raise an arm and leg, performing 3 push-ups and 3 repetitions of superman interspersed. Then change to the breakdancer position and will make 3 more repetitions.

After change to the lateral position “x” and also will make 3 push-ups with 3 intercalated lateral rotations. Then make the same sequence but to the opposite side.
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