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Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. By playing sports at least 30 minutes a day, you can keep fit and healthy. You should have protective equipment depending on what you play. A wrong move or a head bump can result in permanent damage. In addition, you also have to take old knee injury into account. Sports bandage may help you a lot.


Take care of yourself

Bridgat a large selection of protective gear for different kinds of sports. In volleyball, handball and basketball, it is important to have some good knee pads. We also have helmets for both winter sports such as ski and snowboarding. If the skateboarding is your passion, you can find a perfect helmet to suit the style. We believe that the right equipment is essential if you want to use your energy to the fullest. Check out our category of protective equipment and find what you need for your sports. For cycling and mountain biking, you need to be extra well protected. Both wind and weather can make a bike ride at high speed, so cycling will be a dangerous experience without the right equipment. Find the bicycle helmet from Bridgat that can give you free rein and then set off on iron horse!

Cycling Protective Gear


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