Diving equipment require special care. Should be washed with fresh water every time you used. Sea water contains salt, which is caustic, the pool contains chlorine, harmful to the equipment and the rivers and lakes contain small suspended sediments that can accommodate the equipment, damaging them.An annual review is also ideal for equipment damage and keep them always new. Read More How to keep Diving Equipment in Good Condition

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Diving knife is considered an item of diving safety. If the diver be tangled up in the background in some rope, line or fishing net, the knife will be crucial to get him out of trouble.

Diving knife can still be used as a hammer, screwdriver, hacksaw and even as unit of measure.

Its use in diving, especially, should not be to affect sea creatures. However, in practice of spearfishing through snorkeling, the knife is useful to cut and remove fish caught. Read More Equipment: Diving knife

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For a safe dive, it is necessary to use a range of equipment that will provide tranquility, comfort and security, of course, the diver.

See below for a more detailed description about each of these facilities:


Snorkel is a tube about thirty centimeters that contains a nozzle and allows the diver to breathe the air through your mouth, without lifting his head out of the water. The most current have a valve (purge valve) which allows respiration and suction at different stages. They also have a “wave” device on the external end assists in diving in maritime waters. Read More List of Equipment for Diving

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