With the arrival of summer come all the rush by getting a ten body and be able to wear it in the beaches. One of the major obsessions to get a nice body is the abdominal part, look a flat belly is what you are looking for most of us. It is true that this topic have tried you on countless occasions HowStuffWorks, but in this occasion we want to highlight the most important points to keep in mind when getting a belly in perfect condition. Read More Operation Bikini: a Review of The Basics to Get a Good Abdomen

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Here are six smart reusable water bottles.

Health recommends that we drink between 1 and 1.5 liters of fluid a day – preferably in the form of ordinary water. A water bottle can make it easier to get volumes inboard and Eat & Stay has identified six commandments of the reusable kind.

Big amounts

The entire 0.7 liters may be in the drinking bottle from Aladdin. The bottle is made of plastic material copolyester and is equipped with a handy flip, making it easy to drink from. Dishwasher safe.

Aladdin Clean and Clever water bottle, Waterbottlesshop
89 crowns.
Nearest retailer, please
Edo Copenhagen at tel. 36 34 16 19.

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Swimming Supply

Swimming pool is good but the followers of swimming often dream only of one thing: to confront the nature and a bit more difficult conditions. The lucky ones who live by the sea not deprive therefore not go for a swim as soon as temperatures start to rise.

But no question of simply dipping, no! If you really want to enjoy while optimizing your sea swimming sessions, we advise you to equip yourself. Follow our advice, you will not be disappointed!

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Swimming Supply