Elevated Push-Ups: Greater Intensity and Work Middle Zone

If the curls are one of the best exercises for work pectoral, one of its variations such as the elevated push-ups, In addition to increasing its intensity, get that we work the zone media or core. That Yes, for the realization of this type of pushups will have to have a good muscular base and be accustomed to be bending in plane.

More intensity in the elevated push-ups Note because we now have more weight to get body and to be more high and unstable hip add the middle in isometric work, akin to the famous isometric abdominal.

To greater height or elevation of feet greater intensity and difficulty. Apart from put your feet on a bench, if we want to loop the loop and put it more difficult we can use a Swiss ball or Fitball, that stability instability adds to the ajercicio and thus activate a greater amount of muscle fibers.

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