Open Water Swimming Equipment Needed

Swimming pool is good but the followers of swimming often dream only of one thing: to confront the nature and a bit more difficult conditions. The lucky ones who live by the sea not deprive therefore not go for a swim as soon as temperatures start to rise.

But no question of simply dipping, no! If you really want to enjoy while optimizing your sea swimming sessions, we advise you to equip yourself. Follow our advice, you will not be disappointed!

What Jersey Choose?

It all depends on where you stand! If you read these tips somewhere in the south, not looking too. A swimsuit definitely will do. If you are against by one to regularly visit the North sea, get ready!

A wetsuit will be most appropriate effect. And you can learn the advantages here >>.

For the lucky ones who live near the South Seas, you can start swimming in one piece suit if you are not too chilly.

For this, we advise you to wear a training suit that will leave you free to move. So we recommend the model Lidia has an ultra clear back for freedom of movement.

This model is also very comfortable to wear at sea because the large opening in the back you will feel the water slide on your skin.

For those who prefer two-piece suits, to the sporty look, Nabaiji suggest a jersey with good support breast. Nabaiji teams have developed this year a new jersey 2 rooms  for swimming training. Sporty and feminine, it is perfect for those who wish to swim in the sea in comfort and femininity.

Finally, for those who do not have the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean (they are many) or are simply chilly, opt for the combination of swimming.

This wetsuit has an anti-freezing material which helps to fight against the cold.

The cuts have been studied to emphasize the silhouette. It also protects from UV to swim safely!

The Swimming Accessories

Now that you know what shirt to choose, up to accessories.

First you will need to swim goggles or a mask. For glasses, Nabaiji suggest getting dark glasses to avoid being dazzled by the sun!

The mask Swimdow photochromic offers a panoramic view while swimming and tint depending on light intensity.

Remember to bring with you a bathrobe or a swimming towel to dry you and change you on the beach!

Also remember to take a bottle of water to hydrate yourself at the end of your session. Indeed, swim in the sea requires as much effort as a traditional meeting with the difference that you can have the current against you, wind and salt water will increase your desire to drink.

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