Best Reusable Water Bottles

Here are six smart reusable water bottles.

Health recommends that we drink between 1 and 1.5 liters of fluid a day – preferably in the form of ordinary water. A water bottle can make it easier to get volumes inboard and Eat & Stay has identified six commandments of the reusable kind.

Big amounts

The entire 0.7 liters may be in the drinking bottle from Aladdin. The bottle is made of plastic material copolyester and is equipped with a handy flip, making it easy to drink from. Dishwasher safe.

Aladdin Clean and Clever water bottle, Waterbottlesshop
89 crowns.
Nearest retailer, please
Edo Copenhagen at tel. 36 34 16 19.

Cool with coal

Cleaning water with carbon filter has been very popular the past few years – and of course it can also be transferred to drink the bottle. Here is a bottle from Bobble, which can handle 300 refills before the filter needs to be replaced. Made of plastic, holds 550 ml and is available in several colors.

Bobble water bottle, 
99.95 kroner.
Nearest dealer at

Take the strap

Drinking bottle from Eva Solo is equipped with a handy strap so that it can easily be taken around. The bottle is made of plastic and contains 0.5 liters. Dishwasher safe, although the cap should be washed by hand.

Eva Solo drinking bottle, 
149 kroner.
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A coating of the substance has been pulled down over the water bottle from the STELTON that are made from glass and plastic. The bottle holds 0.4 liters and can withstand a walk in the dishwasher. Available in several colors.

Stelton My water bottle, 
149.95 kroner.
Nearest dealer at

Ready to ice

Drinking bottle from the American firm Choir is designed so that ice cubes can easily come down through the opening and cooling liquid. In addition, the bottle is equipped with a handy flip the lid never gets lost. Made of plastic, holds 750 ml and is available in several colors.

Corinthians One, 
195 crowns for Blixen Vixen,


Goodbye to plastic

The people from the Danish design firm Retap have a mission to make plastic bottles for life, why in 2010 launched the glass bottle of the same name. The bottle is designed without corners for effective cleaning and holds 0.5 liters. Dishwasher safe and available in several colors.

89 crowns.
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