Tips to Perform Correctly The Abdominals Suspended

The abdominal work is something that requires multiple adaptations and changes to work one or another part of the abdominal wall. One of the exercises that many people make when working the abdomen are the abdominal suspended, running hung and elevating the legs. This exercise is more complicated than it seems, and we are going to give some Tips to run it correctly.

First of all it is necessary that we know that the part we are going to work is the bottom of the abdomen, but to do this it is necessary that we know to concentrate the tension in this part and not in other areas that are affected in this exercise. It is necessary that so we know how well run the exercise without having to do us harm or is not how we want to be effective.

We all know how this type of abdominal executes. We hung with free legs and arms as only support. In this position, what we will do will be elevate the legs through the action of the abdominal muscles wanting to touch your chest with your knees. This movement seems to be simple, but it is not, since we tend to unbalance us and balance us too transferring part of the tension to other parts of the body such as the lumbar part or the same arms and legs.

It is true that If we have some abdominal strong we can maintain this position without any problem, since the trick is to keep the abdomen contracted entirely while we perform the exercise, working thus not only the lower part, but all of the abdomen. But there are times that we don’t have enough strength in this area and we must draw on other solutions to be able to perform this exercise.

Work first on appliances

Firstly we can acquire strength in the abdominal part to perform other similar exercises as hang on the parallel, only that instead of staying suspended in the air what we will do will be to maintain supported and seized arms and the back to support. So what we will do will be go gaining strength to be able to gradually suspend us in the air. The rest of the year it will be equal, only that we will harness more trunk and its movement.

Another solution to acquire skill and strength is hang on a trellis. The position will be practically the same, as we will post us whole seized the trellis, only that our whole body will be supported in this and not suspended in the air. The clamping and control will be far greater than the that occurs when we are suspended in the air. It is true that the voltage is not the same, but it will help to increase the strength in the area to improve the execution of the exercise.

A trick to concentrate the most

Once we suspend us in the air for what should be clear to concentrate the most sit-ups and not move from one side to another by removing efficiency exercise is keep semi shrunken legs, i.e. the movement we will do will not be too long, since run this general movement of the body will be longer, and thus the shakiness of our own body.

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