Two Tools That Will Help Us Strengthen The Abdomen

On many occasions we have presented different exercises to work the abdominal muscles on the ground. In the majority of these exercises just the way we work was through our body and its use without more, using postures and movements focused specific to this part of the body work. It is true that the abdominal muscles with our own bodies is a very good way to train, however this time we want to see some tools that will help us when working in a different way the abdominals.

As we have already seen on countless occasions, the changes are needed in training routines to evolve and to make muscles are motivated enough to grow. Therefore this type of abdominal training with new equipment will help us get what we are looking for, and is a better efficiency in training.

The soil It is a good ally when it comes to working the abdomen, since on it can run many routines. Effectively on the ground is where we are going to continue the workout routines, only that this time we will use different devices that we will help to take a step forward in abdominal development. For this reason the use of these devices is reserved for persons who already have a certain control over the abdominal exercises and want to move forward in its development.

Weighs Russian

First we are going to use one weighs Russian to carry out an exercise. First of all, we will remember as the Russian weight, and is it a weight ball with a handle. Precisely, this ball of its composition will be that we will serve at the time of exercising the abdominals, since on the dumbbell ball we will support both hands. The position in which we must place is the usual we adopt to do push-ups. I.e., hands resting in this case on the Russian weight, and body stretched completely looking down and with your feet flat ends to the ground.

For this exercise what we will do will be starting from the above-described position and maintaining one supported leg, with the other what to do will be advance forward as if we were to touch us with the knee chest. Thus, without removing any other part of the body, and keeping the balance get strengthen the central part of the body, Since the exercise will affect the abdominal, lumbar part and hips. Exercise will make it with each leg and must make an alternation for about 30 seconds more or less non-stop.


A elastic It can also be an ally while pectoral openings we are doing with them. The way to do it is by anchoring one end to the wall at the height of our hips. The other end mustn’t it with one hand while we put on our knees is the ground looking at the front, so that the arm is aligned with the rubber band at the height of the chest. In this position the leg that is on the side of the arm with which we have a stranglehold the rubber will leave it supported, while the other it will advance forward leaving her stretched semi.

In this position the rubber we mustn’t with both hands and will pectoral openings. It would indeed actually with the exercise we will work the pectoral, abdominal wall will be affected, since it is necessary that she be contracted at all times to prevent trunk from moving from one side to another. This contraction will help us to strengthen the area without even realizing.

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