Use The Furnishings to Tone Muscles

Increasingly, people who choose to practice sport in the open air. The race is the excellent sport that is practiced in the open air, and in fact increasingly has more followers, but simply with this activity we perform aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise and muscle toning can perform them also in the street, just to do this will serve us with use what you have on the environment, and we are going to provide some tips about.

The parks and gardens they are the places we normally choose for the development of these activities. In these places it is true nature feels closer, but despite this there are a number of urban furniture that adorns the Park and this time we will serve for performing different exercises that we will serve to tone our muscles while enjoying the outdoors.

The pectoral

First we will see how we can train chest. Almost all of the parks we are with parallel fences that it serve to delimit the space. These hurdles we will be very useful when it comes to training the lower part of the chest and triceps, because we place seized them with separate arms and legs shrunk slightly in the air and will make push-ups using the force of your pectoral muscles.

We can also the pectoral train on the floor doing push-ups classic. For this purpose it is necessary that we be more or less smooth surface without ridges or crystals or anything like that, so in order to run the movement with total normality. Being in the open air of this exercise may be more satisfying and fun, to breathe fresh air and be in contact with nature.

Back and biceps

For the part dorsal and the biceps going to be a sad swing. Sure that on more than one occasion we have assembled in one to have a good time. This same swing will be the means to train this time. We simply mustn’t with each hand to one side lying on the floor mouth up with whole body stretched. In this position we will perform push-ups to raise the body, and thus will work the back and biceps.

The abdominal wall We will also work it with this exercise, it is necessary that we estabilicemos and kept the body in his position by the contraction of the trunk, swing is an unstable environment which will tend to move from one side to another. This will avoid it in this way, working more parts of the body with a single exercise.


The slide It will be another ally, as well as the banks, Since them we will build to make abdominal. Simply it will be enough to anchor the feet on the sides of the slide to perform abdominal contractions, though the Bank us also can serve as support to place our backs and perform elevations of pelvis, crunch and other abdominal exercises that require an area to carry out.

It is true that the results we obtain will not be same as if train in a gym in which machines are designed to work hard a certain part of the body, but it is true that you will serve us very helpful this type of training to keep the body toned and thus achieve much better results that simply making career.

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