We Must Take a Protein Shake before Bed?

The intake of protein shakes It is still an issue that gives us much to talk on HowStuffWorks. Many readers have asked us a topic which interested enough, and is If it is good to take protein shakes at night before we go to sleep. It is not that it is neither good nor bad, but that you have to know how to do so and why do this. This is why in this post we are going to stop us more thoroughly in this respect.

Usually we are accustomed to take protein shakes before training or just after. We have usually defended on HowStuffWorks the need that muscle has to recover and receive food once the exercise. But the intensity of the workout is often so high that even greater protein intake is required, and is when it comes in decision of the night, before sleeping.

The night always take is usually associated with the rest, and it is that When we go to sleep we understand that muscles will rest and be restored of the activity carried out throughout the day. Therefore it is usually associated this decision at this time, since if in addition we give an extra dose of protein to muscle us that recovery is faster and more complete to face new training.

The problem for this socket is a combination that we must bear in mind, metabolism and its operation at night, and the composition of the milkshake are going to choose to take at that time of day. Not all Smoothies are equal, and therefore we can not generalize in determining if we take it an hour or another day, since in the market there are many options in this regard that we cannot ignore.

Two types of proteins

On this occasion we will differentiate into two types the proteins that are high in carbohydrates, i.e., its formula important dose of carbohydrates, inside he is not pure protein, since carbohydrates are essential to achieve high doses of energy. This type of protein are very suitable for eating them before training to increase the levels of glucose, or then to replace them after a hard workout, since they are very rapid assimilation.

On the other hand we have the casein smoothies, It does not contain carbohydrate, but a high amount of proteins. These shakes are absorbing more slow and controlled by the Agency, so we do not experience to take them to the high rises of glucose that happens with the aforementioned.

Characteristics of both types of milkshake give us answer to whether we should or not take milk shakes at night. It is important that if we are used to practice sport, our body consumes more energy at rest, so at night it will consume more than anyone who does not sport. To this must be added who do not consume any food, making it a smoothie can be of great help for hours.

Recommended for night shake would be the casein, Since does not contain carbohydrates and be slow assimilation, will get to keep our fed muscles, avoiding the catabolism, but do not contribute calories we burn. We will leave the high amounts of carbohydrates with protein shakes to the moments in which we undertake sport, since it will be when you need instant energy to achieve a force of explosion.

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