11 Reasons That Make the Race, the Darling of the Time Between the Exercises

The race is among the physical exercises the most beloved of the people. Today, unlike what happened in Ancient Greece, where the sport was practiced only by a restricted group of men, she found membership in different social classes, age groups and professions, reaching the number of 6 million practitioners in Brazil, according to a survey Ibope released in 2011.

11 Reasons That Make the Race, the Darling of the Time Between the Exercises 1

It is not for less: the race brings a lot of benefits that go beyond the physical plane. In addition to lose weight and fight various diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, who is most likely to smile to the life, as it increases self-esteem and well-being. Want to know why more of the race-turned-fashion? Track 11 reasons:

It is a democratic sport

To run, you do not need to be an excellent athlete. Moreover, good will is more welcome than specific skills when the subject is race. But, attention: this is not to say that the sport does not require care. “Any person can run, only that, always respecting their physical conditions present and growing within the daily training,” says personal trainer Edson Ramalho.

Wanderlei de Oliveira, runner and creator of the CORPORE (Corridors são Paulo Meeting), warning that people who are five pounds above your ideal weight might have problems playing the sport, since each stride, the impact on the joints is three times their weight.


In a one-hour race, is it possible to burn approximately 600 calories – can vary for more or less, taking into account the fitness of each individual, which helps in fighting overweight. For this burning to happen, the personal trainer Edson Ramalho advises that the person should run at least 30 minutes, maximum heart rate 60% to 80%. So, fat becomes the primary fuel, or is burned.

To know your heart rate maximum and minimum, simply follow the following formula:

(220 – your age) x 0.6 = minimum heart rate

(220 – your age) x 0.8 = maximum heart rate

For example, if the person is 30 years old, your heart rate during exercise can vary from 114 to 152 beats per minute.

Increases your strength

Want to have glutes strong? Run help! According to the personal trainer Edson Ramalho, who is has all the muscles bottom worked, including legs, glutes and muscles of the abdomen.

11 Reasons That Make the Race, the Darling of the Time Between the Exercises 2

Improves the physical fitness

The personal trainer Edson Ramalho account that, after two or three weeks, it is already possible to feel the difference of race in physical conditioning. Even mundane tasks, such as climbing stairs, become easier. As a result, the chores are less tiring and more pleasurable.

Controls diseases

Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and high cholesterol are just some of the diseases that can be kept the reins short with the help of the race. All this happens thanks to the physical conditioning that the activity provides. Being an aerobic activity, the race of long duration and low intensity conditions the heart.

According to the sports physician Ricardo Munir Nahaf, of the Brazilian Society of Medicine of Exercise and Sport (SBMEE), after some time of practice, your body spends to save energy to accomplish some tasks. This economy is generated by physical fitness is what prevents it overloading, making it easier to control pressure, cholesterol and weight.

Controls the diabetes

We have already talked about it, but it is worth to emphasize that the practice of racing for diabetics can, in some cases, dispense with the use of the remedy of control of the disease. The already known metabolic syndrome – a syndrome that brings together health problems such as high blood pressure; increase in the levels of triglycerides, blood glucose and bad cholesterol (LDL) and decrease good cholesterol (HDL) – is directly linked to physical inactivity and body fat, particularly the visceral.

“When you do this activity, you cannot metabolize all of this,” says sports physician Ricardo Munir Nahaf. He says that, with the race, the remedy becomes more effective and, in some cases, mainly diabetes type 2, you can even be excused.

11 Reasons That Make the Race, the Darling of the Time Between the Exercises 3

Combat osteoporosis

Studies indicate that running promotes the mineralization (calcification) of bone, that is, who runs decreases the chances of having osteoporosis. The personal trainer Edson Ramalho explains that the impact generated by the race, since that insurance, fortifies the bones.

Improves the well-being

The production of endorphin coming of the race is the main responsible for the feeling of well-being after the race. “Every physical activity makes possible the production of endorphins, then the person increases the feeling of well-being with the practice,” explains Antonio Carlos Amador Pereira, a psychologist from the PUC-SP.

He believes that, for the race to be an aerobic exercise, the feeling can be even stronger. In addition, the fact that it is practiced outdoors enhances even more the feeling of well-being and decreases the chances of hitting the classic dismay, since it does not give much room for monotony.

Promotes good mood

Once more, the endorphin is responsible for the development of a mood stable for those people who practice this sport regularly. This substance makes the person quiet and good-natured. “What happens many times is that, when that person can not practice, she is feisty, almost as a withdrawal of endorphins”, illustrates the psychologist from the PUC-SP, Antonio Carlos Amador Pereira, who also remembers that the race sends the stress to the corner.

Improves self-esteem

Racing is a sport of overcoming. According to the psychologist from the PUC-SP, Antonio Carlos Amador Pereira, when the runner manages to overcome the self, the higher self-esteem is inevitable, as that person knows how much discipline and effort were required to achieve a goal. “The self-esteem is much more connected to be able to” exposes. The psychologist also reminds us that the sport is related to combat depression.

There are, still, which the mirror saith to thee, not to see some pneuzinhos or, who knows, fit in those pants old it is very rewarding, as it reminds the doctor of the sport Ricardo Munir Nahaf.

Increases your circle of friends

People often live isolated lives, says the psychologist from the PUC-SP, Antonio Carlos Amador Pereira, which is not so good. Running, you know people who share similar goals to yours and will you encourage when discouragement hit. “Another positive side: you do not have to fight. The people are friendly, help each other, which leads to the increase of the circle of friends,” recalls the corridor Wanderlei de Oliveira.