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Yearbook 2002

Aland. Regular air services between Mariehamn and Stockholm, which were closed down in 2001, were resumed in January by a smaller Swedish company.

At the beginning of the year, the ┼land Landscape Board issued clearing signs for flights over ┼ in the framework of the OSCE's so-called Open Skies project. The decision sparked a debate about whether the overflows are detrimental to ┼'s demilitarization.

┼'s special position as a Swedish-speaking landscape in Finland was also discussed during the year and the Landscape Board noted increased difficulties in communicating with the authorities in Helsinki in Swedish.

Before the legislature took a summer break, the opposition demanded distrust of the Landscape Board. The governing parties, the ┼land Center and the Liberals, were accused of mismanaging the economy and risking increasing budget deficits that threatened welfare. However, the Autonomous Government won the vote and gained continued confidence in its policy.

The popular ┼land spring hunt for seabirds was drawn during the year before the EU court. The European Commission believes that too many birds are being shot.

The Government of Finland and the ┼land Landscape Board proposed amendments to the Self-Government Act. means that the president no longer has to preview certain laws that are decided by the legislation on ┼.

┼'s running boy Janne HolmÚn wrote the history of ┼land sports when he surprisingly took gold in the marathon in August at the European Championships in Munich.

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