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Yearbook 2002

Guyana. Desmond Hoyte, leader of the opposition party People's National Congress (PNC), which is largely supported by black Guyanese, in March interrupted the talks since last year's election with the People's Progressive Party, PPP, the Indian Guyanese party. According to Hoyte, the election results were manipulated by PPP.

2002 Guyana

According to Countryaah website, the break in the talks led to new mutual accusations, against the PNC for its congressmen still receiving salaries and other benefits despite the party boycotting parliamentary meetings, and against the PPP for discrimination against black and excessive police violence.

The conflict between the parties also caused a general wave of violence in the country. By December, 140 people had been killed in the Georgetown area. The climax was reached on July 4, when the Caribbean States' CARICOM cooperative organization opened its summit in Georgetown and two protesters were killed and another fifteen injured in confrontation with police.

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