Lesotho 2002

Yearbook 2002

Lesotho. General elections were held in May. An unstable situation had prevailed in Lesotho since 1998, when protests against alleged electoral fraud led to a revolt that was defeated by South African soldiers. A new electoral system, with a combination of direct and proportional elections, would now give the smaller parties increased opportunities. The ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy received 77 seats and the largest opposition party, Basotho National Party 21. Foreign observers approved the election, but the opposition considered that there was cheating. However, everyone took their seats when Parliament was opened.

According to Countryaah website, national day of Lesotho is every October 4. Masupha Sole, former CEO of Lesotho Highlands Development Authority, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for receiving bribes from foreign construction companies in connection with a giant irrigation project, largely funded by the World Bank.

Lesotho Border Countries Map

Canadian Acres International was fined about SEK 20 million. for bribing Sole. The case was considered to have pioneered the often unethical behavior of Western big companies in the “Third World”. Swedish-Swiss ABB is one of the many other companies that risk prosecution. Companies that fall down risk being excluded from future projects under the auspices of the World Bank.