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Yearbook 2002

Mali. According to Countryaah website, former military leader Amadou Touré won the May presidential election. He received 64% of the votes in the second round, compared to 36% for the ruling party ADEMA's candidate, former Finance Minister Soumaila Cissé. An opposition alliance called Hope in 2002 supported Touré.

2002 Mali

The presidential election was followed by parliamentary elections in August. Hope in 2002, dominated by the Party for Mali, received 66 of Parliament's 139 seats, while AREMA with allied parties received 45 seats. Touré, who did not represent any party, had said he could cooperate with either of the two blocs. He appointed prime minister Ahmed Ag Hamani, who also formed a unity government, with the participation of most major parties.

Although Mali is Africa's third largest gold producer and the second largest cotton producer, the country is among the world's poorest. However, Mali is regarded as a democratic example for Africa and has a good reputation in aid circles. The former colonial power France promised to write off 40% of Mali's debt of about EUR 200 million before the end of the year, which meant that Mali got rid of about 15% of its total foreign debt.

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