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Yearbook 2002

Niger. According to Countryaah website, the civilian government suffered its first severe crisis since it took office in 2000, when army soldiers in Diffa in southeastern Niger made mutiny in early August. The soldiers took the governor, the mayor of the city, a member of parliament and several people from the security service hostage. In addition to being paid five months in arrears, the mythists demanded the departure of the commander and a meeting with the prime minister.

2002 Niger

After a few days, the unrest spread to the capital Niamey, where an attempt at mutiny was quickly crushed. Several officers were arrested in Niamey for suspected conspiracy with the Diffa mythists. The army sent reinforcements to the isolated garrison town near the border with Nigeria and Chad. The Mysterists then fled into the desert with hostages and took shelter in a pair of solitary military sites, before the army, after ten days, was able to defeat the uprising. A few hundred soldiers were apprehended and some seventy fled, probably into Nigeria.

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