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Yearbook 2002

Paraguay. According to Countryaah website, Interior Minister Julio César Fanego and Minister of Justice and Labor Silvio Ferreira were forced in February to resign after much media attention surrounding the revelations that two left-wing activists had been tortured after being kidnapped by people with links to the police. The torture would have been aimed at forcing information on the kidnapping of a rich businessman's wife, who according to police had been abducted by the same left-wing group as the two activists belong.

2002 Paraguay

The opposition in the House of Representatives tried to set up a special commission of inquiry into the case and held President Luis González Macchi as the chief responsible for this form of "state terrorism".

According to a report from Transparency International, which examines corruption in the world, Paraguay is Latin America's most corrupt and the world's third most corrupt country. The report gave rise to the organization of "The Day of Shame" on September 6.

The initiators urged all citizens to wear black armbands as a sign of sorrow, and the capital Asuncion's daily newspapers had black stripes on the newspaper pages. The football team Sportivo Luqueño wore black jerseys. President González also obeyed the call and wore black armbands.

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