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Yearbook 2002

Singapore. After the terrorist attacks against the United States in 2001, Singapore gave its support to the global campaign against terrorism. In early 2002, the government announced that 15 militant Muslims, 14 of whom were Singaporean citizens, had been arrested in accordance with the country's strict security laws. They were arrested on suspicion of planned terrorist activity against Western interests in Singapore.

2002 Singapore

According to Countryaah website, several of the arrested were reported to belong to the Southeast Asian militant organization Jemaa Islamiyya, believed to form the terror network of al-Qa'ida's branch in the area. Several similar arrangements were made during the year, including: in August when 21 suspected Singaporean members of Jemaa Islamiyya were arrested.

Irritation also arose among Muslims when some girls were suspended from school for wearing a veil and thus breaking the school uniform rules. The parents of the four girls decided in April to sue the country's government, which is unusual in Singapore. To his aid, they had the same Malaysian top lawyer, Karpal Singh, who defended the former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, in the heavily criticized trials against him. The lawyer was later banned from operating in Singapore.

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