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Yearbook 2002

Tuvalu. In August, Parliament elected former finance minister Saufatu Sopoanga as new prime minister. The nomination was preceded by parliamentary elections where 9 of the 15 members were re-elected.

2002 Tuvalu

According to Countryaah website, the government is considering suing the United States and Australia before the International Court of Justice in The Hague for failing to sign the Kyoto Protocol to reduce emissions that cause global warming. Tuvalu claims that climate change threatens to submerge the country within 50 years. Several small islands have already disappeared due to rising sea levels. New Zealand has agreed to adopt a 30-year plan to receive Tuvaluans who become homeless as their islands sink.

In December, the EU decided to grant Tuvalu € 3.3 million in aid by 2007. The money will go to education and environmental projects in the outer islands.

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