Alriksson Go: Green Investing for 2011

The 2011 season is the Swedish lady proffslagets second on the international stage. It closed last year’s season of Monica Holler won the team’s final race in France, in fierce competition with, among others, Emma Johansson.

Alriksson Go: Green Investing for next year to be among the twelve best teams in the world ranking. It has now equipped with reinforcements on both the cyclist and the master page.

-Many of our riders have Championship aspirations and we will of course do everything we can to support them for the World Cup which runs in Copenhagen and the 2012 London Olympics, “said team manager Martin Alriksson.

The team began to prepare for 2011 season already during the season when Monica Holler moved home from his then-law in Italy, and the work has now continued throughout the fall.

-I think we got a good composition of the group where every skater has a clear responsibility and I see a huge potential in the team, “said Martin Alriksson.

For 2011 is strengthened the team with one of Sweden’s most promising cyclists, Isabelle S, after a otursförföljd last year’s season once again hoping to be with and compete for top positions in Europe.

-Isabelle is a technical and explosive cyclist as we, together with our sprinter Monica Holler hope becomes an asset in the big klungspurterna. Madelene Olsson already showed last year that she has the capacity to sit with the very best in the world in the mountains and I really hope that she can take another step in its development, concludes Martin Alriksson.

Cyclists in Alriksson Go: Green 2011

Monica Holler, 26 years

Jessica Kihlbom, 21 years

Johanna Nilsson, 20 years

Madeleine Olsson, 28 years

Malin Rydlund, 33 years

Linnea S, 21 years

Jennie Stenerhag, 35 years

Isabelle S, 21 years