Bahamas 2002

Yearbook 2002

Bahamas. According to Countryaah website, national day of Bahamas is every July 10. The country’s major tourism industry was hit hard by the downturn in the travel industry following the terrorist attacks against the United States in 2001. With the promise of an improved economy with the help of new foreign investment for the tourism sector, the opposition middle party Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) could surprisingly win big in the parliamentary elections held May 2.

Bahamas Border Countries Map

The victory broke a ten-year power hold for the business-friendly government party Free National Movement (FNM). PLP received over half the votes and won 29 of the lower house’s 40 seats. FNM maintained only 7 seats in the lower house, which was a sharp decline. The other 4 mandates went to independent candidates.

New Prime Minister became the 58-year-old lawyer and PLP leader Perry Christie. During the election campaign, Christie criticized the FNM for overly drastic measures against the lucrative but contentious financial offshore sector, which was suspected of being used for money laundering.

In January, for the first time, a woman, Ivy Dumont, assumed the post of Governor of the Bahamas. The Governor-General represents the country’s head of state, the British queen, but has no real political power.

In a referendum in the spring, residents voted against a number of amendments to the Constitution. The changes would include have banned discrimination against women in the labor market.