Bahamas 2002

In 2002, The Bahamas was an independent country located in the Caribbean. It had a population of around 300,000 people and a largely service-based economy that was heavily reliant on tourism, banking and financial services. Despite this, there were still economic challenges such as high levels of unemployment, particularly among young people and those living in rural areas. In addition, there were concerns over rising levels of poverty and inequality within the country. Politically, The Bahamas was a stable democracy with strong government institutions which enabled it to address pressing issues such as crime and corruption. According to computerannals, the Bahamas also enjoyed close diplomatic ties with other Caribbean countries which enabled it to remain an important player in regional affairs. In terms of development, the government began to focus on improving infrastructure and providing basic services such as healthcare and education which provided a glimmer of hope for a better future for Bahamians. Additionally, efforts have been made by both local and international organizations to strengthen democratic institutions within the country in order to promote stability within The Bahamas.

Yearbook 2002

Bahamas. According to Countryaah website, national day of Bahamas is every July 10. The country’s major tourism industry was hit hard by the downturn in the travel industry following the terrorist attacks against the United States in 2001. With the promise of an improved economy with the help of new foreign investment for the tourism sector, the opposition middle party Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) could surprisingly win big in the parliamentary elections held May 2.

Bahamas Border Countries Map

The victory broke a ten-year power hold for the business-friendly government party Free National Movement (FNM). PLP received over half the votes and won 29 of the lower house’s 40 seats. FNM maintained only 7 seats in the lower house, which was a sharp decline. The other 4 mandates went to independent candidates.

New Prime Minister became the 58-year-old lawyer and PLP leader Perry Christie. During the election campaign, Christie criticized the FNM for overly drastic measures against the lucrative but contentious financial offshore sector, which was suspected of being used for money laundering.

In January, for the first time, a woman, Ivy Dumont, assumed the post of Governor of the Bahamas. The Governor-General represents the country’s head of state, the British queen, but has no real political power.

In a referendum in the spring, residents voted against a number of amendments to the Constitution. The changes would include have banned discrimination against women in the labor market.

Bahamas Country Overview

Finnish citizens are not required to have a visa. The passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of travel. Without a visa, the country can be up to 3 months. If the passport is lost, the police must be notified immediately. You cannot apply for a passport in the Bahamas, as Finland does not have an embassy in the Bahamas. As no other EU country has an embassy in the Bahamas, you must contact the Finnish Embassy in Ottawa to obtain a temporary travel document.

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Currency: Bahamian Dollar (BSD). The US dollar is also in use. Currency can be obtained from Finland by booking in advance. Check availability and course at

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restaurants it is customary to give about 15% tip, unless the service fee is already included in the invoice price. Taxis tend to drop 15% and it is a good idea to give bag carriers about two Bahamian dollars.

Food and drink
In the Caribbean island states, the diet is largely based on seafood. Different cultures also give food culture its own characteristics. Traditional delicacies of Caribbean cuisine are enriched by flavors from around the world: Africa, China, India and Europe. Traditional Caribbean traditional food is a hearty home-cooked food that is not as strongly flavored. Each of the Caribbean islands has its own specialties based on the food brought by the indigenous people, the conquerors, and later tourists. Tropical fruits are available and combined with Caribbean food or offered as is e.g. as desserts. Many Caribbean countries eat a lot of rice, beans and food bananas. The Caribbean, especially the Cubans, are known as rum producers. It is good to note that the islands that the raw materials for cooking and serving are fresh and the cold chain has not been broken. Drinking tap water is not recommended. All water and beverages must be industrially bottled. It is a good idea to use ice cubes in drinks as well. However, in large hotels and better restaurants, ice cubes are made from purified water. Reheated foods should be avoided. However, it is possible that a different bacterial strain may cause stomach upset, so your own judgment should be used. Reheated foods should be avoided. However, it is possible that a different bacterial strain may cause stomach upset, so your own judgment should be used. Reheated foods should be avoided. However, it is possible that a different bacterial strain may cause stomach upset, so your own judgment should be used.

Time difference
The time difference to Finland is -5 hours in winter and -4 hours in summer.

Electrical current
120 V, 60 Hz. You need an adapter for Finnish devices.

Mobile phones
Please check the coverage of your subscription with your operator. The area code for the Bahamas is +1 242.

The Bahamas belongs to the subtropical climate zone. Hurricanes and tropical storms should be prepared for during the rainy season (May-October) and hurricane season (June-November). Before you leave for a trip, make sure that your travel insurance allows the trip to be interrupted or canceled in the event of a hurricane. Follow local news and weather reports during your trip. The sites of the official weather service of the Bahamas, the National Hurricane Center of the United States and the Hurricane Center of Canada should also be followed before traveling. In the event of a hurricane threat, the instructions of the local authorities must be followed.