Banks County, Georgia Weather

According to, Banks County, Georgia is located in the northeast corner of the state and has a population of around 18,000 people. It is bordered by Habersham County to the north, Stephens County to the west, Franklin County to the south, and Jackson County to the east. The county seat is Homer and other major cities include Baldwin, Maysville, Commerce, and Gillsville.

The history of Banks County goes back to 1858 when it was created from parts of Franklin and Habersham Counties. Originally called Banks Courthouse District after Richard Banks who served as a state senator at the time, it was later changed to just Banks County in 1870.

The area is home to several attractions including Historic Homer City Hall which was built in 1890; Banks Crossing Shopping Center with its variety of stores; Maysville Golf Course which offers a picturesque setting for golfers; Old Banks Courthouse Museum which houses artifacts from its past; Ty Cobb Museum which celebrates one of baseball’s greatest players who grew up in this area; and The Old Jail Museum which offers visitors an insight into life in this county during the 19th century.

Banks County is also home to some famous people such as baseball legend Ty Cobb who was born here in 1886; country singer Alan Jackson who grew up here; former NFL player Doug Johnson who played for Atlanta Falcons during his career; actress Kim Fields who starred on TV shows like “Living Single” and “Facts of Life”; singer/songwriter Shawn Mullins who wrote songs like “Lullaby” and “Beautiful Wreck”; former NBA player Jim McIlvaine who played for Seattle Supersonics during his career; actor Stephen Root known for his roles on TV shows like “King Of The Hill” and movies like “Office Space”.

Banks County has something for everyone – whether you want to explore its history or enjoy its natural beauty – you won’t be disappointed.

Climate and weather in Banks County, Georgia

According to, Banks County, Georgia is located in the northeast corner of the state and has a mild climate with hot summers and cool winters. The average temperature ranges from the mid-50s to the high-80s throughout the year. Summers are generally hot and humid with temperatures reaching into the 90s on some days. Winters are typically mild with temperatures rarely dipping below freezing, although occasional snowfall does occur.

The county averages around 47 inches of rain per year, mostly during spring months. Winters tend to be dry with little rainfall. The area also experiences occasional thunderstorms and tropical storms due to its proximity to the Gulf Coast.

The area receives an average of around 205 days of sunshine a year, making it one of the sunniest places in Georgia. This makes it an ideal spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and more.

The area is also known for its beautiful fall foliage which draws visitors from all over each year. The county’s rolling hills provide stunning views of vibrant fall colors which peak during October and November before giving way to winter’s barren landscape.

Banks County has a pleasant climate that is perfect for enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Transportation in Banks County, Georgia

Banks County, Georgia is served by a variety of transportation options that make it easy to get around the area. The county is located just off Interstate 85, which runs through the heart of the county and provides access to the larger cities of Atlanta, Athens, and Gainesville.

The county also has several state highways that run through it, including State Highway 51, State Highway 59, and State Highway 98. These roads provide access to smaller towns in the area as well as major cities such as Atlanta.

Public transportation in Banks County is provided by GRTA Xpress buses which run from Gainesville to Atlanta and back. The buses also stop in other towns along the way such as Winder and Commerce. The buses are clean and comfortable with WiFi available on board.

The nearest airports are located in Atlanta and Gainesville with flights available to major cities across the country. There are also several smaller airports located throughout Banks County for private aircrafts.

For those who prefer to travel by train, Amtrak’s Crescent Line stops at stations in Winder and Gainesville providing access to larger cities like Charlotte and New York City.

Banks County has a variety of transportation options available that make it easy for visitors to explore all that this beautiful region has to offer.

Cities and towns in Banks County, Georgia

According to countryaah, Banks County, Georgia is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer a diverse range of attractions and activities. The county’s largest city is Homer, which serves as the county seat and is located near the banks of the Chattahoochee River. Homer has an historic downtown area with plenty of restaurants, shops, and galleries to explore.

The city of Maysville is located in the northern part of Banks County and offers visitors plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. The town has several parks including Veterans Memorial Park which features a fishing lake, walking trails, and more.

Commerce is another popular destination in Banks County. It’s home to the Tanger Outlets shopping center which features over 100 stores offering great deals on clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. There are also several interesting museums in Commerce such as the Historic Downtown Commerce Museum which offers guided tours through its collection of artifacts from the area’s past.

The town of Alto is located in the southern part of Banks County and has become a popular tourist destination due to its historic downtown area that features old-fashioned buildings dating back to the 1800s. There are also several antique shops located throughout Alto that offer unique items from bygone eras.

Banks County has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or unique shopping experiences you’ll find it here.