Benefits of Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly

The aerobic exercises are those that work large muscle groups, causing the lungs and heart have to work harder because it is necessary that a greater amount of oxygen reaches to the cells.

Some examples are the walk and the race, which burn the fat and help decrease the fat deposits in the liver and, consequently, the levels of cholesterol in the blood. The main benefits of cardio exercises in weight loss are:

  • Burn the fat accumulated under the skin, between the viscera and of the liver;
  • To combat the stress, decreasing the amount of cortisol – the hormone linked to stress;
  • To improve the well-being because of the release of endorphins in the bloodstream.

However, to be able to lose weight and lose belly it is necessary to increase the difficulty of the exercise and decrease the caloric expenditure that eats through the food.

Aerobic exercises to do at home

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly 1

Jump rope, dance to your favorite music, follow the guidance of the app in a smartphone or a DVD of Zumba can be great alternatives for those who do not want to go to the gym. It can also be helpful to have an exercise bike at home or other equipment fitness that can be bought in the shops of sports products.

Another possibility is to invest in video games like the Wii where you can follow the guidance of a virtual teacher, or simply dance on a platform of this console.

Aerobic exercises to do on the street

Aerobic exercise can also be performed on the street, in the park or near the beach, for example. In this case, you should-if you prefer to train in the zones freshest of the day, protecting the skin from the sun, and always having water or isotonic drinks to hydrate.

Walking, jogging, cycling or rollerblading are some excellent options to practice alone or well accompanied. Remember that during the workout, your breath needs to get a little more breathless to be able to lose weight.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly 2

Workout to burn fat and lose belly

An aerobic workout to burn fat and lose the belly should be done for at least 30 minutes and should be repeated 3 to 5 times per week. Initially it is not necessary to worry about heart rate training, just ensure that your breath is always more breathless, but still able to talk, but that is outside your area of comfort.

Learn what is the heart rate ideal for weight loss.

If it is not possible to train for 30 minutes, you can start with 15 minutes in the first week, but it must increase the training time to be able to burn more calories and thus achieve weight loss. If you do not do any exercise and is thinking of starting, it is recommended to go to the doctor before you begin training to assess the health of the heart.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly 3