Bent County, Colorado Weather

According to, Bent County is located in the southeastern corner of Colorado, near the border of Kansas and Oklahoma. The county seat of Bent County is Las Animas, which was established in 1866 and has a population of almost 3,000 people. The county covers an area of 1,621 square miles and has a population of about 6,000 people.

Bent County was originally part of the Osage Indian Reservation until it was officially established as a county in 1889. Since then it has been home to a diverse array of cultures and communities including Hispanic settlers who first arrived in the area during the 1800s.

The county is known for its rich agricultural heritage with many farms still operating today. It also offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities including hiking trails, camping sites, fishing spots, and horseback riding opportunities. There are also numerous parks throughout Bent County such as John Martin Reservoir State Park which offers swimming, boating and fishing opportunities as well as scenic views from its observation tower.

When it comes to attractions there’s something for everyone in Bent County. The historic town of Las Animas features numerous shops, restaurants, and galleries that offer visitors a glimpse into the past while nearby Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site tells the story of an important trading post from 1833-1849 that served both Native American tribes and early settlers alike. In addition to these historical sites there are also several museums throughout the county such as the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site which memorializes one of America’s most tragic events in history.

Bent County is also home to some famous people including actor/comedian David Letterman who was born in Las Animas; musician/producer Quincy Jones who was born near La Junta; actor/director Robert Redford who grew up near Olney Springs; singer/songwriter John Denver who grew up near Lamar; and former U.S Senator Ken Salazar who grew up on his family ranch near Trinidad.

Bent County offers visitors plenty to explore from its rich agricultural heritage to its outdoor recreational opportunities all set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes. Whether you’re looking for history or nature there’s something for everyone here.

Climate and weather in Bent County, Colorado

According to, Bent County, Colorado is situated in the southeastern part of the state and has a semi-arid climate. The area experiences hot summers and cold winters with temperatures ranging from 0°F to over 100°F. During the summer months, temperatures can reach up to 90°F or higher with humidity levels that are often high. The winter months bring cold temperatures and snowfall although the area does not experience heavy snowfall like other parts of Colorado.

The average temperature in Bent County is 54°F with an average high of 80°F in July and an average low of 28°F in January. Rainfall averages around 10 inches per year, most of which falls during the spring and summer months. There is also some snowfall during the winter months but it does not usually accumulate to more than a few inches at any given time.

The area experiences moderate winds throughout the year with gusts up to 30mph on average. On occasion, strong winds can reach up to 40mph or higher, creating hazardous conditions for those who are outdoors or driving on highways and roads near open fields and other areas that are prone to windy conditions.

Bent County has a mild climate with hot summers, cold winters, moderate winds throughout the year, and light rainfalls during spring and summer months. Although it may be prone to extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms or blizzards from time to time, these events are rare occurrences that do not typically cause severe damage or disruption to everyday life in Bent County.

Transportation in Bent County, Colorado

The transportation system in Bent County, Colorado is well-developed and provides a range of options for getting around the area. The most common form of transportation is by car, as the county has an extensive network of roads and highways, including two major interstates. Public transportation is also available in the form of bus services operated by the Bent County Transit Authority. These buses connect many towns and cities within Bent County, as well as providing links to nearby counties and states.

For those looking to travel further afield, there are airports located both within Bent County and in nearby cities. The most notable airport in Bent County is the Trinidad Municipal Airport which offers domestic flights to major cities across the US. For international travelers, Denver International Airport is just over three hours away by car and offers flights to destinations around the world.

Bent County also has a number of bike trails which are popular with locals and visitors alike. These trails provide safe routes for cyclists to explore the area while taking in some stunning scenery along the way. There are also plenty of hiking trails throughout the county which provide breathtaking views from high vantage points or take you down into lush valleys filled with wildlife.

Bent County provides many different transportation options for locals and tourists alike allowing them to get around quickly and easily while enjoying all that this beautiful part of Colorado has to offer.

Cities and towns in Bent County, Colorado

According to countryaah, Bent County is located in the southeastern corner of Colorado, and is bordered by Kansas and Oklahoma. The county seat is Las Animas, which was founded as a trading post in 1866. Las Animas has a population of just over 2,000 residents and is home to the Bent County Historical Museum. It’s also the home of Fort Lyon, a former military post that was established in 1867. The fort has been converted into an assisted-living facility for veterans and their families.

The town of Hasty is located just north of Las Animas. Founded in 1887, it has a population of just over 500 residents and is home to the Hasty Historical Society Museum. The museum houses artifacts from the area’s past such as maps, photographs, books, newspapers and other items related to local history.

The town of McClave sits at the western edge of Bent County on Highway 50. Established in 1904 by rancher William McClave, it has a population of about 400 people today. It’s home to one of two remaining Carnegie Libraries still standing in Colorado as well as the McClave Historical Society Museum which features artifacts from the early days when homesteaders settled here.

The town of Vilas is located at the southern tip of Bent County near Oklahoma border. Founded in 1909 by rancher John Vilas, it now has about 200 residents and several attractions like Vilas Park with its playgrounds and picnic areas or the historic Deines Theater which shows movies on weekends during summer months. The Vilas Historical Society operates a museum that contains artifacts from early settlers like photographs, furniture pieces or tools used for farming or ranching work back then.