Beta Alanine, The Ultimate in Plug-Ins to Increase Our Performance

They are increasingly sporting foods that appear on the market, and it is that the research environment to the world of sport have been increasing in recent years. The discoveries are becoming more advanced and promise more things, an example is the Beta alanine, the ultimate in sports supplements.

Beta alanine is a discovered amino acid years ago. It is a bit special because the place compared to the rest of amino acids, Since it occupies the position Alpha, being the only amino acid that has this configuration, which makes it different from the rest and with a number of qualities that distinguish it. Some of the effects that cause in our body are:

The consumption of Beta alanine is directly related to the increase of carnosine. A substance that is involved in muscle fatigue, and is that his release by our body makes our muscles have more resistance against the effort and fatigue appears later. On its release it has special importance Beta alanine, it is through it that is released.

Highlights the action Capper which exerts on the muscle It is to curb the impact of lactic acid in muscle performance. When we carry out an intense exercise our muscles overall lactic acid increasing fatigue. Produced by Beta alanine carnosine inhibits the effect that causes the excess of lactic acid by delaying fatigue.

We must highlight its antioxidant effects, Since it reduces in large doses the effect that free radicals have in our body, which affect sports performance and recovery after exercise. Beta alanine reduces stress oxidatico getting our performance is greater.

It is a good calcium regulator, Since carnosine induces a rapid release of calcium thus improving the contraction of the muscle and help to continue making the exercise more time.

In addition protects DNA against damage and mutations, minimizing degradation by the passage of time, which translates into an increase in the life of cells. It protects proteins degradation causing them to alcohol and other substances, mostly has effects on the skin collagen. In addition, protects the brain oxidation and neuronal degeneration…

The recommended dosage is of 4gr daily of Beta alanine can be found in shops specializing in sports nutrition. Normally take this type of plug-ins is recommended to people have muscle wasting high, although we must not forget that we can receive it through food as Red and white meats.