Bike Stars We Remember: Eddy Merckx

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During his career, he is undoubtedly the brightest shining star saddle port fix. Without the sport Eddy Merckx had probably not been where it is today.

Eddy Merckx was born outside Brussels, 1945. He grew up as one of three children in a family where her parents ran a grocery store. By his own admission, Eddy Merckx have had their fighting spirit from the hard-working father. The first, used, racing bike he got at the age of eight.

If their youth has Eddy Merckx said, “I hated school and I loved sports, but hated being indoors. I pulled away as soon as I could. There was some uproar at home, especially with my father. But it was typical that he supported my decisions, especially when he saw that I loved it I selected, cycling, and simultaneously did well away from me”.

On 16 July 1961, he made his historic debut in the competition context, in a small contest in one of the suburbs of Brussels. But it would take a small strokes before Eddy Merckx bloomed out seriously.

Successes and setbacks

His tävlingsfacit speaks for itself. With five wins in the Giro d’Italia, five in the Tour de France and a win in Spain around, he is one of only four cyclists who stood at the top of the podium in all the big stage race. He won the World Cup every year from 1969 to 1975 and was world champion three times. Bragderna are so many that they will not let sum up to pass but few cyclists given its name to an expression that describes the sporting superiority: “merckxissimo”.

During a velodromtävling in France in 1969 Eddy Merckx crashed and his dernyförare Fernand Wambst. The case took so hard that Wambst died instantly, and Merckx was knocked unconscious. The injuries he suffered, especially in the back, came to affect him for the rest of his career. “The pain was from day to day, and sometimes I sat and wept on the bike.”

Got busted three times

Eddy Merckx took bike headlamps  during their careers actively distance itself from the use of illegal drugs. However, he tested positive for doping on three occasions. When he during the 1969 Edition of the Giro d’Italia was shut down, he cried before the assembled press corps, and swore his innocence, whereupon he was taken home by the Belgian King.

The issue of Eddy Merckx debt became somewhat infected and shared bicycle world into two camps. But when he was caught again in 1973, after winning the Giro di Lombardia, claimed the winner that he only consumed syrup. Despite these slips is the memory of Eddy Merckx hardly tainted significantly. In his native Belgium, he is regarded as a national hero.

In 1978, at the age of 33, Eddy Merckx pulled themselves back. But he left thereby not cycling altogether. After retiring from the sport’s world, he began to manufacture bicycle frames, a company that he now has disposed to be boarded for real.


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