Bourbon County, Kansas Weather

According to, Bourbon County, Kansas is located in the east-central part of the state and is home to around 15,000 people. It was founded in 1855 and named after Bourbon County, Kentucky. The county seat is Fort Scott which was also established in 1855 and served as an important trading post on the Santa Fe Trail.

The population of Bourbon County is mostly concentrated in its cities with Fort Scott being the largest with a population of around 8,000. Other cities include Bronson, Mapleton and Uniontown while most of the county consists of rural areas.

History plays an important role in Bourbon County with several historic sites located throughout the area such as Fort Scott National Historic Site which includes a military fort from the 1800s as well as a museum and visitor center. The Old Fort Plaza also features historic buildings from the same time period including a saloon, general store and jailhouse.

Attractions in Bourbon County include several parks such as Big Hill Lake Park, Prairie State Park and Southeastern Kansas Wildlife Area where visitors can enjoy activities like fishing, camping and hiking trails. The county also has several golf courses for those looking for something more leisurely to do.

Bourbon County has produced some famous people including actor William Frawley who starred on I Love Lucy; musician Chris LeDoux; former professional baseball player Frank White; former NFL player Brad Budde; NBA player Darnell Valentine; singer/songwriter David Gates; actor/director Hal Ashby; singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot; and actress Joanna Cassidy.

Bourbon County offers something for everyone with its rich history, outdoor activities, attractions and famous people making it an ideal place to live.

Climate and weather in Bourbon County, Kansas

According to, Bourbon County, Kansas enjoys a mild climate with four distinct seasons. Summers tend to be hot and humid with temperatures reaching into the 90s Fahrenheit (32-37 Celsius) and occasional thunderstorms. Spring and fall are mild and pleasant with temperatures ranging from the mid 50s to mid 70s Fahrenheit (10-25 Celsius). Winters are cold with temperatures dropping below freezing for much of the season and snowfall is common.

The weather in Bourbon County can vary greatly due to its location in the Great Plains region which can experience sudden changes in temperature, wind and humidity. During the summer months, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and strong winds are all possible due to its proximity to Tornado Alley. In the winter months, blizzards are not uncommon due to cold fronts coming down from Canada.

The average annual precipitation in Bourbon County is around 37 inches (94 cm), mostly occurring during the spring months when thunderstorms are most frequent. While snowfall can occur throughout winter it is generally light with an average of around 17 inches (43 cm) per year.

Bourbon County has a mild climate making it an ideal place for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping or hiking during all four seasons.

Transportation in Bourbon County, Kansas

Bourbon County, Kansas offers a variety of transportation options for both residents and visitors. The county is served by US Route 54 which runs east-west across the county and provides access to nearby cities such as Fort Scott, Parsons and Pittsburg. Public transportation is also available in the form of the Bourbon County Transit System which provides daily bus service to major destinations in the area.

The nearest airport is located in Pittsburg, around 40 miles away, which offers domestic flights to several major cities including Dallas, Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles. There are also smaller regional airports located within easy driving distance such as Topeka Regional Airport and Wichita Dwight D Eisenhower National Airport.

For those looking for a more leisurely form of transportation, there are plenty of biking trails throughout the county with scenic views of rolling hills and prairies. There are also several horseback riding trails that offer great opportunities to explore the area’s natural beauty on horseback.

Bourbon County offers a wide variety of transportation options making it an ideal place for both residents and visitors alike.

Cities and towns in Bourbon County, Kansas

According to countryaah, Bourbon County, Kansas boasts a variety of cities and towns that offer a mix of rural and urban living. The county seat is Fort Scott, the largest city in the area, with a population of around 8,000 people. Fort Scott is home to several attractions such as the historic Fort Scott National Historic Site and the Bourbon County Courthouse. It is also home to many restaurants, shops, and other services that make it a great place to live and visit.

Parsons is another popular city in Bourbon County located just north of Fort Scott with a population of around 10,000 people. This quaint city offers plenty of small-town charm with its historic buildings, unique shops, and friendly local businesses. It is also home to many outdoor activities such as camping and fishing in Parsons Lake Park or exploring nearby trails on foot or bike.

Smaller towns in the county include Bronson which has a population of around 800 people and Uniontown which has around 600 residents. Both offer a peaceful atmosphere while still providing access to basic amenities such as grocery stores, banks, post offices and more. These smaller towns are great places for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life in larger cities while still being close enough for easy access to necessary services.

Bourbon County provides an array of cities and towns that are perfect for anyone looking for an ideal place to live or visit.