Brazil Cycle Fair: New Brands, New Business and Growth Opportunities

Since the first edition in 2012, Brazil Cycle Fair has a striking feature: presenting new products, new brands and new business models for the Brazilian bicycle market. In 2015 again it will be this way. Several products will be presented for the first time in the country at the business fair, which will take place from September 27 to 30 in São Paulo-SP.

Have new ideas, get them off the paper and present them to the public. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs go through situations like this constantly. In the 2015 edition of Brasil Cycle Fair, there are several examples of success of new businesses that come first to the Brazilian public-in addition to excellent opportunities, in partnership with Sebrae-SP and Itaú, professional guidance for those already in the market or Interest in entering.

New Brands

As in every major fair, Brazil Cycle Fair was the place chosen to present new brands to the Brazilian cycling universe. Here are three examples:

Atrio: Brazilian company that operates in the segment of sporting goods will be for the first time in Brazil Cycle Fair. The company, an arm of Multilaser, will introduce a line of news with dozens of products-the highlight for the Bluetooth cardiac strap, the sports camera and the Bluetooth sensor for speed and cadence.

Villa Sports: in the clothing and fashion business for more than 15 years, the Brazilian manufacturer presents the cycling clothing line to the cycling market. The entry of the brand into the universe of the bicycle is part of an expansion plan, with extremely technological fabrics based on polyamide and various differentials.

Kryptonite: brand recognized worldwide for premium quality, comes for the first time to Brazil imported by Proparts. On the line, safety products for the bicycle: latches, chains, cables and padlocks. Attention to detail, the brand presents in the packaging details of the level of safety of each item, and also indicate to the cyclist which is the best lock for each type of use.

New Business

One of the options for thinking about new business is the Entrepreneur Project, which will gather companies in an exclusive space of relationship between the exhibitor and the visitor of the fair. It will be a place where everyone can check the news of the market in booths up to 9 m² each.

Another option for knowledge and discussions will be the Content Space. With sponsorship from Itaú, the Space will have speakers who will discuss urban mobility issues.

Proparts, with the Proparts Training Center, and the Park Tool School will be in the area of ​​mechanics courses within the Content Space. The visitor will have at his disposal two consolidated entities in the market presenting options and formats of course for mechanics. An opportunity to talk to the ParkTool School team and the Proparts Training Center to see which course best meets your need.

New Opportunities

The Fair is also a space for those who seek new paths. Whether for an existing business or for a new business idea, Brasil Cycle Fair is prepared to meet those who want to find a solution.

In partnership with Sebrae-SP and Itaú, Espaço Content is the ideal place to receive tips from trained professionals on how to make your business work with specific guidelines and directions for each one. In addition, the Fair will have lectures on subjects such as “Satisfy and delight your customers”, “How to motivate your team”, “Increase your sales” and “Leadership”, among others.

Brasil Cycle Fair takes place from September 27 to 30 at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil. Registration for professionals in the industry can be done at this  link . More information access the  official website  of Brazil Cycle Fair 2015.

Brasil Cycle Fair is the largest fair in the Latin American bicycle market. The event aims to strengthen the sector and the proximity of exhibitors and consumers. It is idealized and organized by Bike Alliance, has the institutional support of Abradibi, commercialization of MKT Bike and production of the Promotion. In 2015, the fair will take place from September 27 to 30 at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP).