Brazilians Are Seeking Better Ways to Protect Themselves

With the growth of Violence, Brazilians are seeking better ways to protect themselves

In times of insecurity and fear, the ordinary citizen has found new ways to escape the day to day violence.

With the daily growth of crime and stricter laws regarding the possession of weapons, the Brazilians are looking for better ways to protect themselves and their families against crime.

Be careful with this product, because it is extremely fake

The solution found? Military flashlights. They are increasingly popular as self defense tools to tackle the brigandage and companies such as Shadowhawk X 900 tactical flashlights can barely keep up with demand.

“We had to open a new factory just to answer the amount of requests that are coming.”

The Shadowhawk X 900 is, at the moment, the most popular model of military tactical flashlight between Americans and Brazilians because of your powerful strobe mode, which allows the user to launch a strong light in the eyes of your attacker, leaving him completely disoriented.

Shadowhawk X 900

These tactical flashlights are effective even?

If you already took a photo at night with flash, you know that it takes a minute or two for your eyes reajustarem. Now imagine that this flash is 100 times stronger and flashes right in your eyes. You’ll go blind and will end up losing your balance too.

That’s what you’ll get with the tactical flashlight Shadowhawk X 900. The strobe function is designed to end the vision of those who attack you; If they can’t see what they’re doing, you can get away with ease – or, if necessary, will have an advantage to attack him.

Analysis of structure of torch-Flashlight struture analysys

The truth is, most people underestimate the importance of having a tactical flashlight. Is to walk alone at night, expect the ransom with the broken car halfway or just to have a light strong enough to scare away animals when you’re camping, tactical flashlights are so strong that give you a great advantage.

Not to mention, if you are in an emergency situation, what’s the best way to call attention to itself than with a powerful flashlight that can be seen up to 3 kilometers away.

The complete kit of Shadowhawk X 900 comes with a nice carrying case.

Military tactical flashlights as Shadowhawk X 900 are used in all of the United States by the military, firefighters, law enforcement, search services and Coast Guard – and, now, by ordinary citizens in Brazil.

“In times like these, it’s more important than ever that the Brazilians are ready for anything and this flashlight is one of the best equipment to have, since it can be used in almost any situation, since to protect up to find your dog at night.”

Differentials of Shadowhawk X 900:

Light 100 times stronger than conventional flashlights.

Strobe Function.

Light that can be seen up to 3 kilometers away.

Strong construction and robust, highly durable.

We experience the tactical flashlight Shadowhawk X 900

Although, still, we were very suspicious, we wanted to find out for ourselves if this product offered everything he said. And so, we put Shadowhawk X 900 to the test.

Our Evaluation

When we received our 5 Shadowhawk X 900, we realized the packaging that they were good. They come in a protective box like firearms. The Lantern itself is small and lightweight, with various zoom settings and “strobe” and “zoom” that everyone loves.

After loading the batteries and test them, it became clear that they are the strongest we’ve used lanterns. And after call for 5 seconds strobe mode, we had to shut down because it disorients too.

After playing with them for only 5 minutes, it was obvious why so many people are buying these lanterns. This is clearly a tool that you can take with you everywhere.

Seal of best sales-best performance in smaller size


You won’t want to be on the wrong side of this flashlight.

Hardly we recommend any product, but with the evidence that it works, and the satisfaction guarantee, we feel that our readers would like the suggestion.

The company responsible for sale of Shadowhawk X 900 in Brazil relies so much on your product, which offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, simply contact the company if you are not satisfied. Better yet, we contacted the manufacturer and got a special launch price.

These tactical flashlights are with a discount of 75%! So take the opportunity to buy them now. If you want to ensure that you and your loved ones are always prepared for the worst, this is a great start. She has our vote-we like so much that we make sure that each of our team had at least 4.