Bryan, Texas

According to health-beauty-guides, Bryan, Texas is located in the Brazos Valley region of Texas and is situated on the banks of the Brazos River. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and lush green pastures that stretch out for miles in all directions. The area has a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters, making it an ideal place to live for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and camping.

The geography of Bryan is divided into two main areas: downtown Bryan and East Bryan. Downtown Bryan is located in the center of town and consists of many commercial businesses, restaurants, shops, offices, and other amenities. East Bryan lies east of downtown and consists primarily of residential neighborhoods with some industrial areas as well.

The landscape around Bryan is made up mostly of hills and fields with some forests scattered throughout. The area has an abundance of wildlife including deer, turkeys, coyotes, bobcats, armadillos, rabbits, quail, hawks, owls and many other species of birds.

Bryan also has access to several lakes including Lake Somerville which is a popular destination for boating enthusiasts as well as those looking for a peaceful getaway. The lake provides ample opportunities for swimming as well as fishing with its catfish-filled waters. Additionally, there are several rivers that run through the area such as the San Jacinto River which provides excellent opportunities for rafting or kayaking adventures.

Overall, there are many different aspects to the geography surrounding Bryan that make it an ideal place to live or visit whether you are looking for outdoor activities or just a peaceful setting to relax in. With its lush green pastures stretching out into rolling hills and its abundance of wildlife it provides endless opportunities to explore nature while also providing easy access to all the amenities that come with living in a city environment.

Bryan, Texas

Demographics of Bryan, Texas

Bryan, Texas is a city located in Brazos County and is part of the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area. As of 2019, the population was 84,637. The median age in Bryan is 27.3 years, with a gender ratio of 48% male and 51% female. The racial makeup of the city is 56% White, 19% Hispanic or Latino, 16% African American, 5% Asian and 4% other. The most common ancestries are German (18%), Irish (12%), English (10%) and Mexican (9%). The median household income in Bryan is $51,872 with 18.7 percent of families living below the poverty line. Education levels are high with 83 percent of adults having a high school education or higher and 28 percent having a bachelor’s degree or higher. In terms of employment by industry, educational services account for 15 percent of jobs followed by healthcare and social assistance at 14 percent and retail trade at 12 percent.

Industries of Bryan, Texas

Bryan, Texas is home to a variety of industries, with educational services, healthcare and social assistance, and retail trade leading the way. The educational services industry has an estimated 15 percent share of employment in Bryan, with most of the jobs held by teachers and administrators in public and private schools. Healthcare and social assistance account for 14 percent of employment in the city, with hospitals and medical centers providing many of the available jobs. Retail trade is also an important sector for Bryan’s economy, employing 12 percent of its workforce. Other industries that contribute to the city’s economic output include professional services (9%), manufacturing (8%), construction (7%), arts/entertainment/recreation (6%), finance/insurance/real estate (5%) and transportation/warehousing (4%).

The largest employers in Bryan include Texas A&M University System with over 4,800 employees; St. Joseph Regional Health Center with 3,400 employees; College Station Medical Center with 2,500 employees; Bryan Independent School District with 1,700 employees; City of Bryan with 1,100 employees; Walmart Inc. with 900 employees; CHI St Joseph Health Regional Hospital College Station with 800 employees; Brazos County Government Offices with 600 employees; Sanderson Farms Incorporated at 600 employees; and H-E-B Grocery Company LP at 500 Employees. These ten employers alone account for more than 21 percent of all jobs in Bryan.

Road Network in Bryan, Texas

Bryan, Texas is served by an extensive road network that connects it to the surrounding areas. The city is located at the intersection of two major highways, U.S. Highway 6 and State Highway 21, which provide access to Houston and Austin, respectively. Interstate 45 also passes through the city, connecting Bryan with Dallas in the north and Galveston in the south. The major roads that traverse Bryan include William J. Bryan Parkway, Briarcrest Drive, Villa Maria Road, Harvey Mitchell Parkway, Texas Avenue, University Drive and Rock Prairie Road.

The roads within Bryan are well-maintained and designed for safety. There are several bike lanes throughout the city to encourage cycling as an alternative form of transportation. The streets are regularly patrolled by police officers to ensure public safety and reduce traffic congestion during peak hours. Additionally, there are several public transportation options available for commuters including buses operated by Brazos Transit District and taxis run by local companies such as Yellow Cab of Bryan-College Station and A-1 Taxi & Limo Service.

Overall, Bryan’s road network is well-developed and provides easy access to neighboring cities as well as other parts of the state of Texas. With its wide variety of transportation options available for commuters both within the city as well as outside of it, Bryan has established itself as a great place to live with convenient access to all areas around it.