Buying Tip: Louis Garneau Quartz Helmet for Great Price

I was looking for a new helmet, since mine was already somewhat shabby and I found this great product for a VERY good price.

The Quartz helmet is one of the top models of the Louis Garneau brand and has a very good condition in the  Lazzaretti store  here in Brasilia. This model is for sale for R $ 280.00. Comparing with competing brands models, with similar quality that cost between $ 600 and $ 800, it’s a bargain!!!

I really liked the look of the helmet, it is well ventilated and lightweight(weighs 250g). One thing I found cool were also some small holes that he has “on the forehead”, at least in my case, this ventilates well helps not to keep sweating on the face.

The internal finish with helmet is very cool, the foams are very abundant and well spread, this also makes the helmet very comfortable.

The helmet uses  Super MSB  technology . It is a kind of protective ring at the base of the helmet, which increases the protective perimeter of the helmet. Helping to better protect the cyclist’s head and face.

The   Spiderlock SL  is the super light helmet adjustment system, which is on the back of the helmet. I liked the fit, I thought it made the helmet fair, but it did not get uncomfortable.


This helmet is for sale at the Lazzaretti Store here in Brasilia, at 404 north, for $ 280.00. It is available in  black(photos), green and red.

The telephone number is(61) 3327-1290 , or send an e-mail to our site. If you do not live in Brasilia, please contact them to deliver via postal mail!


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