Cabell County, West Virginia Weather

According to, Cabell County, West Virginia is located in the western portion of the state and is bordered by Wayne, Lincoln, Mason, Putnam and Kanawha counties. It has a population of around 96,000 people and its county seat is Huntington.

The history of Cabell County dates back to the mid-1700s when it was part of western Virginia and part of the Northwest Territory. It was officially established in 1809 and named after William H. Cabell who served as Governor of Virginia from 1805 to 1808.

Today, Cabell County is known for its outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and biking thanks to its many parks and natural areas including Beech Fork State Park. There are also several historical sites in the area including Fort Hill which was built during the Revolutionary War era.

The county also has many attractions such as theaters, museums, galleries and other cultural venues like Pullman Square which hosts concerts throughout the year. In addition there are plenty of restaurants to choose from offering everything from classic American fare to international cuisine.

Cabell County is also home to several famous people including baseball players Lou Boudreau and Don Black; former NFL quarterback Chad Pennington; former NBA player Luke Jackson; actress Mary Tyler Moore; country singer Brad Paisley; television host Rachel Ray; actor Wilford Brimley; comedian Wanda Sykes; singer/songwriter John Denver; and author Pearl S. Buck among others.

No matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it in Cabell County. With its rich history, outdoor activities, attractions and famous people there’s something for everyone here in this beautiful West Virginia county.

Climate and weather in Cabell County, West Virginia

According to, the climate and weather in Cabell County, West Virginia is generally mild and temperate. Located on the western edge of the state, it has a humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cool winters. Average high temperatures in the summer range from 84-86°F (29-30°C) while average lows in the winter range from 22-26°F (-5 to -3°C).

Rainfall is abundant throughout the year, with an annual average of around 44 inches (111 cm). Snowfall also occurs during the winter months, with an average of around 19 inches (48 cm) per year. In addition to snow and rain, Cabell County can also experience severe weather such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hail.

The spring season is usually mild with temperatures gradually rising from March until June when summer arrives. The summer season is typically hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms rolling through during the afternoon hours. Fall brings cooler temperatures as well as some beautiful foliage colors before winter arrives in December bringing colder temperatures and some snowfall.

Cabell County has a generally pleasant climate that allows for outdoor activities throughout much of the year. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of its scenic beauty or just enjoy some outdoor activities, you’ll find that Cabell County offers something for everyone.

Transportation in Cabell County, West Virginia

Cabell County, West Virginia offers residents a variety of transportation options. The main form of public transportation is provided by Cabell County Transit, which provides bus service throughout the county. The buses run from 6am to 7pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The fare for the bus is $1 per ride, or $2 for an all-day pass.

For those looking to travel outside of the county, there are several airports nearby including Tri-State Airport in Huntington, Yeager Airport in Charleston, and Port Columbus International Airport in Ohio. There are also several major highways that intersect Cabell County including I-64 and I-77 which allow for easy access to other cities in West Virginia and beyond.

In addition to these public transportation options, many residents choose to drive their own vehicles or use taxis when traveling within the county. Cabell County is home to numerous taxi companies that offer reliable service throughout the area. There are also several car rental companies located near the airports for those who need a vehicle while visiting or traveling through the county.

Cabell County offers a variety of transportation options that allow residents and visitors alike to get around easily and conveniently. Whether you’re traveling around the county or need access to other parts of West Virginia or beyond, you’ll find something here that works for you.

Cities and towns in Cabell County, West Virginia

According to countryaah, Cabell County, West Virginia is home to numerous cities and towns that provide a variety of activities and attractions for visitors and residents alike. The county seat is Huntington, which is the largest city in the area and home to Marshall University. Huntington offers a variety of things to do from shopping, dining, and entertainment options to museums, galleries, and parks.

Just south of Huntington lies Milton which is known for its charming downtown area with numerous shops and restaurants. Further south is Barboursville which is home to the Huntington Mall as well as several other stores and restaurants.

Other cities in Cabell County include Ona, Lesage, Culloden, Salt Rock, Proctorville, Lavalette, Barboursville, Guyandotte, Wayne Boulevard Parkersburg Road Parkersburg Turnpike Westmoreland Heights Southside Harts Grove Milton Heights and Ashland. Each city offers something unique such as historic sites or outdoor recreation areas.

There are also several towns located throughout Cabell County including Altizer, Crumpler’s Hillside Heights Vinson’s Mill Salt Rock Valley Windy Bottom Harts Creek Beechwood White Oak Briscoe Edith Smithtown Ceredo Wayne Boulevard Parkersburg Road Parkersburg Turnpike Westmoreland Heights Southside Harts Grove Milton Heights Ashland Allen Junction Abb’s Valley Willowdale Salter’s Hill Buskirk Fork Uniontown Oakvale. These towns offer rural charm with plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking for visitors to enjoy.

Cabell County provides a variety of cities and towns that offer something for everyone from quaint rural settings to bustling urban centers full of cultural attractions. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or just want to explore some local history you’ll find it all here.