Cabo Verde 2002

In 1997, unemployment remained at 25%. In the middle of the year, the Prime Minister announced the signing of an agreement with Italy on increased tourism investment. The African Development Bank provided a $ 4.9 million loan for a road reconstruction project. The country also received assistance from China and entered into an agreement with the Government of Angola on joint investments in areas such as health and social care.

Disclosures about police brutality against detainees continued through 1998 and 99. Detainees in prison significantly exceeded the capacity of the prisons and their condition is already miserable.

According to Countryaah website, national day of Cape Verde is every July 5. The opposition criticized the government media for failing to fulfill their control functions towards the government. Self-censorship is frequent in the government-controlled media. The authorities apply the laws at their discretion, and judge and punish editors and journalists who criticize members of the government.

Cabo Verde Border Countries Map

Opposition politicians criticized the country’s official media for failing to carry out their control functions against power. Self-censorship is widespread in the media controlled by the government. Authorities are bending the laws at will and accusing them, or imposing fines and jail sentences on editors and journalists who dare to criticize the government.