Cala’n Bosch as a Destination

White sand, turquoise blue sea and wonderful scents, await when you set foot in Cala’n Bosch for the first time. This is a modern tourist destination built exclusively for tourists, located 10 km south of the city of Cituadella and 56 km west of the capital Mahón, where Menorca International Airport is also located. Cala’n Bosch is one of Menorca’s largest seaside resorts and has a number of small coves and lagoons to explore.


In Cala’n Bosch you can find two beaches. Partly the beach Cala’n Bosch but also Son Xoriguer which grows together with the previous beach, which means that there is a lot of space for diving, snorkeling, kayaking and renting catamarans for those who are a little more daring and seaworthy.

At Son Xoriguer, there are several companies that teach both windsurfing techniques and sailing lessons, so the probability of being bored here is very small. You can also learn to dive, as the resort has a famous diving center. Many of the hotels also offer tennis courts.

Shopping and entertainment

As Cala’n Bosch is one of the largest tourist destinations in Menorca, it offers a larger number of restaurants and bars as well as shops than in the smaller towns. However, you get the largest selection if you go to Cituadella or Mahón, but otherwise Cala’n Bosch is completely approved for a quiet holiday. Here are also some clothing stores for those who want to try on Spanish clothes.

Nightlife is also not as widespread as in most other seaside resorts. Although there is no disco here, you can find several music bars and karaoke bars that invite you to a slightly more intense nightlife than usual. However, you should apply to Cituadella if you really want a full evening.

According to Computergees, Cala’n Bosch has a small mini train that takes you around the surroundings of Cap d’Artrutx and Son Xoriguer, and if you want to go further afield, there are several ferries departing from the port of Cituadella that take travelers to Mallorca, Valencia and Barcelona.

  • A tip is to visit the San Juan fiesta in Cituadella at the end of June. It is the first fiesta to take place on Menorca and continue around the inhabited parts of the island by celebrating the patron saint of each village. The closest if you live in Cala’n Bosch is the fiesta in Cituadella, which is expected to be particularly cozy and entertaining.


Cala’n Bosch has several activities that you can have fun with. Here you can book a horseback ride, hiking or why not play golf? The nearest course is called Golf Son Park and is an 18-hole course. The course was designed by golf course architect Dave Thomas in the 70’s and has been expanded since then. If you are content with a mini golf course instead, there is one that is closer to the village. Cala’n Bosch also has a water park for families and children. It is called Aquarock and offers many trampolines and slides. Here you can easily get a whole day to go relatively quickly.

Discover the coast at sea

Around Cala’n Bosch there are a large number of bays and caves that you can not get to on your own. Therefore, there are two daily boat trips from the port that take visitors to explore and show the rugged coastal strip with all the little grains of gold.

Cala'n Bosch as a destination