Carla Asevedo: As the Ex-consultant Found the Cure in Fly Yoga

Not being happy with your current life and decide to change it completely. It is not uncommon to hear stories as well, people who don’t feel more fulfilled in their professions and routine. But sometimes you need to go through a complicated time of life to have the courage to turn it 180 degrees. And this was what happened with theyoga teacher Carla Asevedo.

Carla Asevedo As the Ex-consultant Found the Cure in Fly Yoga

Until four years ago, Carla was a decorator of interiors, involved with all the work and stress with clients, typical of the profession. It was at this time that she discovered a health problem, who did put all life into perspective. “When you think you’ll die, shall re-evaluate everything. And it was in that moment that I reviewed my life and put it on the scale that was wrong. I thought about what I would give to people if I die”, account.

The Fly Yoga, and a new life

In the midst of this whirlwind, she set off for a yoga retreat master Peter Franc, on a farm in the Chapada dos Veadeiros. “In this retreat, I found myself. I saw that she lived a life of toxic relationships unhealthy and that was on auto-pilot. There I reconectei and rediscovered the Beta Arruga, a friend who helped me a lot. She introduced me to John of God and I began a process of healing is complete, which is much broader than just physical. For all this, this health issue has made me wake up to other things,” he recalls.

It was also the friend Beta Arruga who proposed to give yoga class in a room that was not being used in the house of Carla. This motivated her to do a training of yoga, and then began a new phase in your life. “I have dedicated myself to deepen in practice and looking at a magazine I discovered fly yoga, which is practiced in the fabric, which helps people in the treatment of diseases, because the accessory gives a support. There I saw that this was my path. I took a course in Sorocaba, and then in Florianópolis and so I started to give a lesson”.And so it was that he was born not only a vocation, but also the space in which she finds herself and helps others to find themselves by means of practice: The Home of the Budha.

For Carla, the yoga helped her not only heal, but also to rediscover its essence. “We are very responsible for our diseases too, for all emotional issues that affect us. The yoga allowed me to discover the person who was hidden behind the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day. This is a style of life that goes far beyond the mat with beautiful locations. The yoga is to look at the other, to respect and comply with the other, worry about and take care of each other,” he says.

The teacher learned from the practice that “we attract the energy that we vibrate” and see the positive side of things is a daily challenge, which she faces and tries to pass on to their students. “We need to destreinar the head that was programmed to complain about everything. It is a daily job to try to see the positive side of everything and find happiness in the simple things. And yoga is this,” he says.

The practice of fly yoga is a form of stop to breathe and focus on the present moment. Something so simple and that, according to her, is one of the great challenges of our society. “Everyone is running all the time and slow down it seems like a mission almost impossible. I see how my students through lessons, they feel the reduction of anxiety, improves sleep, and the ability to be able to disconnect from the world to connect with yourself. Therefore, the yoga resulting in an improvement of the quality of life as a whole”, concludes.