Carroll County, Maryland Weather

According to, Carroll County is located in the north-central part of Maryland, and borders Pennsylvania and Baltimore County. The population of Carroll County is approximately 167,134 according to the 2019 census. The county was established in 1837 and named for Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Carroll County offers many attractions for visitors to explore. The county has five major parks including Piney Run Park, Hashawha Environmental Center, Westminster National Golf Course, Freedom Park, and Bear Branch Nature Center. Each offers a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, boating and camping. In addition to these outdoor activities, there are also several museums located throughout the county such as the Historical Society Museum and the Fire Museum Of Maryland.

The county also boasts an impressive list of famous people who have called it home including author Edgar Allan Poe who wrote some of his most famous works while living in Baltimore; baseball great Babe Ruth; television personality Oprah Winfrey; musician John Denver; actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Keaton; singer/songwriter Billie Holiday; inventor Thomas Edison; politician Barbara Mikulski; artist Andy Warhol; astronaut John Glenn; comedian Steve Martin; business executive Warren Buffett and others.

Finally, Carroll County is home to a variety of local businesses that contribute significantly to its economy. These include agriculture-related businesses such as wineries and breweries as well as technology companies like Northrop Grumman Corporation which has offices in Eldersburg. There are also numerous restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world along with small boutiques offering unique gifts from local artisans.

Climate and weather in Carroll County, Maryland

According to, Carroll County, Maryland is located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States and has a humid continental climate. The county experiences four distinct seasons with hot and humid summers, cold winters, and moderate spring and fall temperatures. The average annual temperature is around 54 degrees Fahrenheit with January being the coldest month and July being the hottest.

In summer, temperatures usually reach into the 80s while winter temperatures can dip into the teens. Snowfall is common during winter months while rain is a frequent occurrence throughout the year. Carroll County typically receives around 44 inches of precipitation annually including snow, sleet, and freezing rain in addition to rainfall.

Carroll County has an average of 205 sunny days each year with plenty of sunshine for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, fishing and more. In addition to these pleasant conditions for outdoor recreation, Carroll County also offers beautiful scenery in all four seasons with rolling hillsides covered in lush green foliage in spring and summer months; vibrant autumn colors in October; snow covered landscapes during winter months; and wild flowers blooming throughout springtime.

Transportation in Carroll County, Maryland

Carroll County, Maryland offers a variety of transportation options for its residents. The county is served by several highways, including Interstates 70, 795 and 83 as well as US Route 40. Public transit is provided by the Carroll County Transit System which operates bus lines throughout the county. Additionally, there are several taxi and rideshare services available in the area.

The Carroll County Airport is located in Westminster and offers general aviation services to both private and commercial aircrafts. The nearest major international airports are Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) located about 45 minutes away and Dulles International Airport located about one hour away from Carroll County.

For those who prefer to travel by rail, Amtrak’s Capitol Limited line serves the county with stops at both Sykesville Station and Westminster Station. The Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) also provides rail service to Washington D.C., Baltimore, Frederick, and other nearby cities.

In addition to these options, Carroll County also offers bike-friendly roads with designated lanes for cyclists as well as walkable communities with sidewalks throughout most areas of the county making it easy to get around without a car. With so many transportation options available, it’s easy for residents of Carroll County to get around whether they’re commuting to work or exploring all that the area has to offer.

Cities and towns in Carroll County, Maryland

According to countryaah, Carroll County, Maryland is home to a variety of cities and towns, each with its own unique charm. Westminster is the county seat and largest city in the area, boasting a population of nearly 20,000 people. This vibrant city is home to the Carroll County Farm Museum, as well as many shops and restaurants. Additionally, Westminster hosts several annual festivals including the popular Maryland Wine Festival.

Sykesville is located in the northern part of Carroll County and is known for its historic buildings and railroad station. This charming town has managed to maintain much of its original character while also offering modern amenities such as restaurants, shops, parks, and more.

Mount Airy is another popular destination located in western Carroll County. This small town offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking trails at Piney Run Park or exploring one of its many historic sites like the Mount Airy Mansion or Thomas Isaac Log Cabin.

Taneytown is another picturesque town located in northern Carroll County near Gettysburg National Military Park. Here you can find a variety of historical sites such as Taneytown Historic District or Stemmer’s Run Battlefield Park as well as multiple antique stores for those who appreciate vintage finds.

Finally, Hampstead is located in southwestern Carroll County and offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing at Prettyboy Reservoir or hiking at Middletown Valley Trail. Additionally, Hampstead hosts an annual Strawberry Festival every June with food vendors, live music performances, carnival games and more.

These are just some of the cities and towns that make up Carroll County Maryland – each offering something unique for visitors and residents alike. From quaint towns to bustling cities, there’s something for everyone here in this beautiful county.