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In a clear contrast to the density belt of South and Southeast Asia are those regions of the continent in which the natural spatial conditions, especially unfavorable climatic conditions, in connection with the peripheral location have prevented dense settlement. These areas include Northern Asia, which is only slightly more densely populated along individual lines (rivers, traffic routes, coasts) with its permafrost soils, which prevent agricultural use, but also Central Asia, which is climatically disadvantaged and extremely sparsely populated, as well as parts of the extremely dry desert areas in Central Asia, Arabia and the highlands of Iran. At most, there is a punctual or linear settlement, mostly in the vicinity of significant deposits of mineral resources,

In the generally sparsely populated Middle East, higher density values ​​can be identified, especially in the coastal areas of the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and the Red Sea, as well as on large rivers such as the Euphrates and Tigris. For more information about the continent of Asia, please check