Current News about the Fishing Masters Show

Just a few days up to the largest fishing trade fair of in Germany: show to the fishing masters 2014! Here learn all important information about the event, which will take place on 5 and 6 July in Lake fishing paradise KÖSTER, with us. We’ll keep you up to date with current news and photos.

06th July 2014-12:11 pm

Read also the prominence it not take to fishing fishing masters show in addition to the many fishing experts. Here, the famous TV host Harry Wijnvoord tries to catch a nice trout from Lake KÖSTER.

06th July 2014-12:00 pm

FLASHERS and ESOX employees Veit Wilde(Rechts) and Steve Kaufmann(links) on a soft course with a capital Pike-perch. On the fishing masters show on Lake KÖSTER is the fun in the foreground and not neglected.

06th July 2014-11:50

Predator world champion Dietmar Isaiasch is constantly on tour and turns round to round Lake Köster with the visitors. It has a lot of fish was caught and a lot of “Didi” could learn people.

06th July 2014-11:24 pm

Not only in the Lake, but also in the numerous display tanks the bait sent bathe. It pleases the visitors, because they can immediately test the latest models and then buy.

06.Juli 2014-11:16 pm

The crowds in the big sales tent is undiminished.

06.Juli 2014-11:00 am

Bob Nudd, 11-maliger world champion in the coarse fishing, can also trout.

05.Juli 2014-02:23 pm

Not only trout, but also perch can look on the fishing masters show.

Fishing masters show

  1. July 2014-11:40 pm

Hardly, the gates of fishing have opened masters show, there are already the first fish. Here, a guest at Stephan Gockel could arrest a mounted trout.

  1. July 2014-12:21 pm

Individual traders have already comfortably furnished and in the big tent of the sale, the fishing tackle stacks up.

  1. July 2014-09:15 pm

Best weather forecast Lake KÖSTER rests idyllic away – yet! Because in less than 24 hours she go, the fishing masters show 2014.

  1. July 2014-16:25 clock

The signs for the experts are now also already firmly anchored in the ground.

  1. July 2014-16:20 clock

In the marquees now also comes in.

  1. July 2014-16:12 clock

The stage and outdoor LED wall are also almost!

  1. July 2014-09:00 pm

The Builder did yesterday all the work. Many of the Exhibitor tents are built up on the sea and waiting for their reference.

02 July 2014-17:36 clock

The first dining cars roll also already and secure its location. It must be so nobody on the fishing master show starving ;

02 July 2014-16:24 clock

The signs for a total of 60 experts are currently placed in the fishing spots.

02 July 2014-15:12 clock

One of the tents, including beer wagon, are already constructed.

02 July 2014-11:35 pm

The numerous car parks will be prepared for the rush.

01 July 2014-12:50 pm

The first truck’s drive on the grounds in Lake fishing paradise KÖSTER and deliver components for the many marquees.