CX-Cup: Darvell and Lindgren in Shared Management

High winds, rain and cold when the fourth round in Merida-Northwave CX-cup 2010 was held in Lidköping. Emil Lindgren won and share the cup lead with Magnus Darvell.

In ladies Prestige Elite went cuptvåan Angelica e out in a slower tempo than yesterday and sounded Karin Aune in Jersey take command. But Aune got problem during the first lap

-I do not know what I was doing. It started with sandy fold, where Angelica overtook me.And I fall sharply as well, said Karen Aune.

The quiet starting edvardsson found himself suddenly in the lead, but it didn’t last as long. Aune received order on itself and she drove safely home their fourth partial victory in this year’s cup.

-It’s starting to work better and better, I feel more and more at home in cross-discipline, declared a delighted Karin Aune. Angelica e took second place and third place came Lisa Power, Falu CK.

Cup leader in men’s Superclass, Robert Österling, parkörde with club-mate Adam Steen. The two did together a strong start that nobody in the competition field could answer. Behind the two ended up Jan J and got to do a own. In the middle of the race and thanked for the help alone Österling took over the lead, which he kept into the goal. Adam Steen defended the second place into the goal. Third was Jan J.

I men’s Prestige Elite led the Swedish Champion Jens Wade after his salute to the Saturday races. But it’s tight at the top and not least Emil Lindgren has stated that he wants to Jersey. Magnus Darvell started the race on a typical “Darvell-way” and immediately got a big lead. The only thing that could keep up with was Emil Lindgren. The two got a gap down to Mattias Nilsson, Fredrik Edin and Jens Wade. Of the persecutors saw N strongest out.

The synthesis of Lindgren’s ride that he enjoyed and with good pressure in the pedals he drove from Darvell. Lindgren expanded since to management and was able to take his first victory of the unbeaten in this year’s cup. Darvell drove into second place, N third and Wade was fifth. These results meant that Wade lost the leader’s Jersey and Lindgren and Darvell ended up on the same score, and now shares the lead in the Cup.

-I liked this course, it required more than yesterday’s. I was feeling strong today and my goal with this weekend’s races were to take over the leader’s Jersey and so it was, Emil Lindgren content.

This weekend, Saturday October 30th, determined the fifth semifinal in kungsträdgården in central Stockholm.

Results Merida-Northwave CX-cup 2010

4th round

Ladies Prestige Elite

  1. Karin Aune, Örebro riders, 41.41
  2. Angelica edvardsson, Cykloteket Racing Team, 43.14
  3. Lisa Power, Falu CK, 47.34
  4. Mirella Ehrin, Team Cykelcity, 49.12
  5. Carina börjesson, Åstorp CK, 52.01

Gentlemen Superclass

  1. Robert Österling, Falu CK,45 .24
  2. Adam Steen, Falu CK, 45.37
  3. Jan J, Borlänge, 47.01
  4. Tobias Johansson, Almby IK, 47.22
  5. Mikael Carlsson, Eksjö CK, 47.35

Men’s Prestige Elite

  1. Emil Lindgren, Rabobank-Giant/Alingsås CK, 57.51
  2. Magnus Darvell, Team Party/59.06 Pedalogerna,
  3. Mattias Nilsson, Team Party/Pedalogerna, 59.4
  4. Fredrik Edin, Cykloteket Racing Team, 1:00.25
  5. Jens Westergren, Falu CK/Nishiki, 1:01,48