Cyclo-Cross Championship in Kumla November 13

On Saturday determined Swedish championship in cyclo-cross. The reigning Swedish champions Kajsa Snihs and Jens Wade challenged primarily by cx-cupledarna Karin Aune and Emil Lindgren.

Kumlaföreningen Almby IK hosts and the contest runs at Kumlasjön next to djupadal Park. The area has a varied character and the demanding racetrack can largely be followed from the target area.

-SM-banana is a very popular cross slope requiring more physics than technology. But the chaos that the country will make the turns slippery and any surface a bit treacherous. There will be a Championship with slush I would think, “says leader Ola Hellström.

The two previous Swedish Championships have been won by Kajsa Snihs, IK Jarl Rättvik and Jens Westergren, Falu CK. In the ongoing national cx-Cup, with seven rounds completed, is Kajsa at a sixth place and Jens is third.

Kajsa Snihs divides her time between cross-country skiing and cycling. So far this year, she ran two cup races, with results the series 2-1. She challenged mainly by road specialist Karin Aune, Örebro cyclists, who dominated this year’s also big with five race wins. She leads the series by far ahead of runner-up Angelica edvardsson, Cykloteket Racing Team. Another strong contender is in Åsa Erlandsson, Varbergs MTB, which debuted at this year’s cup last week with surprisingly good results.

-SM-the track is varied which I like. It has both more technical areas, but also some “bomber routes”. The defending champion Kajsa and Asa are hardest to fight. Angelica, but she has had problems with his knees. Since you never know who might show up on a SM. It’s going to be tough, “said Karin Aune

The situation is the same for Emil Lindgren, Rabobank-Giant/Alingsås CK. after strong earnings curve in the Cup with three victories, he is many people’s favourite to SM-gold. It would be his first individual senior national championships, regardless of branch category.

-I feel more and more at home on the bike and has a tyre choice to sue the last races. Victory is the only thing that counts for me in the CHAMPIONSHIP, but at the same time, I am a realist and know that there are small margins, “says Emil Lindgren.

“I think it stands between me, Magnus Darvell and Jens Wade. Magnus is stable, smooth and can this running cyclo-cross. Jens is a Championship guy and has her finger on the material. I look forward to a tough battle on the blue and yellow shirt, says Emil Lindgren.

The women’s race starts at 1 p.m. and the men’s championship race at 14:00. Before it is decided also some competition for cx-Cup for other classes under the name of Kumlacrossen, where the first start time is 9:00 am.