Desiccated Liver: The Revolution of The 80s

If you like weights and search for maximum performance, you’ve certainly known the revolution which is currently assuming the Citrulline malate or which was in its day the creatine. If we go a little back in time, can get to know other dietary supplements that revolutionized the market by benefits giving without being hazardous to health: the desiccated liver.

First thing: A name that makes you know what you’re taking. Desiccated liver beef reinforced with vitamins and iron for stimulate the reinforcement of hemoglobin in blood, improving significantly the transport of oxygen to the muscles, which was a great success in the emerging market of sports supplementation, with big marketing campaigns by myths of weightlifting as the footballer Arnold or Vince Gironde.

Currently they are no longer so in vogue since there are products that have maximized the properties of desiccated liver, whose only problem is perhaps the high proportion of cholesterol that has.

Ingredients: Stearate liver, vitamin C, ferrous gluconate, magnesium stearate, calcium phosphate, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12.