Don’t Let Your Kayak Paddle Adrift

Those who practice water sports or conducts aquatic rides with the kayak, you know that rowing is a great partner in this hour. Essential item, the kayak paddle shown below will give a new impetus to his adventures and tours on the water, since it offers excellent performance and high strength.

Meet the specifications of the oar

The kayak paddle Double consists of a aluminium with traditional plastic shovel, reinforced and with straight tip in black color. The your length is 2.15 metres and your weight is 955 grams. This paddle is manufactured within the standards, while respecting the stringent operational requirements for vessels of sport and leisure too. The paddle is perfect for a variety of occasions, from canoeing to small fishing vessels, pleasure craft and also for other uses.

What care should be taken?

The kayak paddle needs some care and maintenance too.

What can you do?

  • After use, rinse the paddle with fresh water, then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Always keep the paddle within your cover, dry and also dismantled;
  • Check often if the paddle is not damaged, cracked or with cracks.

What you can’t do?

  • Don’t let the paddle in the Sun or in the car on hot days without use and for a long time;
  • Never use the paddle to push out of stones, rocks, sand bottom, among others;
  • Also avoid using it to push the vessel;
  • Never place your weight on the oars to enter or exit the kayak. Use the paddle only as a means to balance;
  • If you’re going to transport or traveling, do not place weight, such as equipment or bags, on top of the paddle.

We’re in?

The kayak paddle is a great partner in time to carry out walks or water sports. Extremely resistant, also features great performance. A tip:when you’re practicing any sports or walk on water, always wear the life jacket!

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