Entertainment and Attractions in Pattaya, Thailand

Many consider Walking street, bars and the sex industry of all colors, trends and styles flourishing around them to be the main attraction of Pattaya, but fortunately, the resort is not limited to this “hot” set at all and offers a whole scattering of activities and excursions for every taste. See JIBIN123 for Thailand customs regulations and visa requirements.

The majestic and vibrant Thai temples will help you stop and think. Perhaps the most popular (and how else if it can be seen from everywhere?) is the local Big Buddha or Big Buddha Hill. Here you can get acquainted with a whole complex of religious monuments and architectural compositions, get the blessing of the monks and cleanse your karma, buy souvenirs and contribute to the upkeep of the temple by donating a small amount. And on top of the hill a little cooler and fresher – also a reason to arrange a tour. Another famous object of worship is the wooden Temple of Truth, standing on Cape Rachvat in the Naklua region. Around there are a garden, a cafe, you can ride elephants or ATVs, admire the sea from the cape, in a word – spend the whole day slowly and measuredly.

The complete opposite of temples, but still an acquaintance with the local culture, will be a visit to Tiffany’s show. Only those who have seen with their own eyes have the right to snort or shake their heads in disapproval. They say that even the most severe Chelyabinsk and Tagil hard workers left the famous performance of the cabaret of transvestites with satisfied faces and whistling their favorite tunes. You can hardly think of a better ad. Oh, and Tiffany is one of the top ten shows in the world according to Travel.com magazine.

Mini Siam Park will help you see the whole world in 3 hours, which has collected on its territory miniature copies of famous sights from America, Asia, Asia and Europe: the Egyptian pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, St. Basil’s Cathedral. If all this has already been examined in the original, then you should pay attention to the beautiful copies of the most famous Thai temples and pagodas. Also lovers of miniatures should like the collection of the Museum of Bottles. In just a few rooms, there were about 300 bottles with copies of sights painstakingly collected inside them. It is also very convenient that the museum is located next to Mini Siam Park.

9 things to do in Pattaya

  1. Be sure not to be lazy and drive to the islands. The further the better.
  2. Walk from the hotel room to the top of Big Buddha Hill.
  3. For a self-respecting shopaholic, take a boat ride around the Floating Market.
  4. Seize the opportunity and gorge yourself on the delicacies of Indian cuisine from authentic Indian cafes.
  5. Go to the Tiffany Show. After all, are we in Pattaya or where?
  6. Ride on the footboard of a tuk-tuk, exposing your face to the wind and sun.
  7. Try never to answer in Russian phrases to annoying barkers and sellers.
  8. Take a walk down Walking street at night and then try to get to know her in the morning.
  9. In no case do not assume that when you see Pattaya, you see Thailand. To return here, only having visited at least three other provinces of the country.

Pattaya for children

Perhaps, Pattaya will not get rid of the “adult resort” stamp for a long time, but serious work is being done in this direction, and rest with a child is no longer perceived as something extravagant and unacceptable.

In May 2016, Thailand’s largest water park RamaYana was opened 30 km south of Pattaya. More than 50 water complexes and attractions await guests of all ages, many of which, according to the representatives of the park, have no analogues in Southeast Asia. You can order a transfer to the water park directly on the website of the entertainment facility. Given the scope of the park, it is better to go straight to the opening.

With older guys, you can go to the Dream World amusement park, which is located on the northern outskirts of Bangkok. It takes about 2 hours to get here from Pattaya; tours to Dream World are offered by many tour agencies of the resort. There is no analogue in Pattaya itself yet.

Other entertainment for children is getting to know the living world of Thailand. One of the most important zoos in the country Khao Kheow is located north of Pattaya. It will take at least a day to explore the famous open zoo, where you can walk next to the animals and feed them. But it’s better to be prepared to be asked to visit the menagerie again. To the south of Pattaya, Nong Nooch Tropical Park awaits guests – a beautiful botanical garden with an elephant show, a crocodile farm and a butterfly farm, a bird garden, restaurants, a hotel complex, swimming pools and other entertainment infrastructure. Slightly smaller, but no less interesting: Si Racha Tiger Zoo and Pattaya Elephant Village.

Attractions in Pattaya, Thailand