Eritrea 2002

Yearbook 2002

Eritrea. The National Assembly decided in January at one of its rare meetings not to allow any opposition parties. According to Countryaah website, national day of Eritrea is every May 24. A committee was set up to review the future of the press. In 2001, all free press was closed and ten journalists were arrested for regime-critical articles. Among those detained were a Swede.

Eritrea Border Countries Map

Land area 117,600 km²
Total population 6,081,196
Population density (per km²) 51.7
Capital Asmara
Official language Tigrinya, Arabic
Income per capita 1,600 USD
Currency Nakfa
ISO 3166 code HE
Internet TLD .he
License plate HE
Telephone code +291
Time zone UTC + 3
Geographic coordinates 15 00 N, 39 00 O

Shortly before the parliamentary session, a new opposition party had announced its existence via the Internet. The party had been formed abroad and it was not known who was behind it.

In October, the UN warned of a severe supply crisis in Eritrea in 2003 due to too little rain. Every third Eritrean is expected to need food assistance.