Exciting CX-Cup in Lidköping

When the first of two CX-cuptävlingar was executed in Lidköping on Saturday challenged the overall leader in the Cup, Karin Aune, by cuptvåan Angelica e right from the start cup leader.

-I was surprised when Angelica pulled up such momentum and thought, “this will be a tough day,” said Aune, if Edward’s sons shock boot.

But the opening cost of Angelica and stumnade. Then was not Karin since exploiting situation, but took hold of the baton and dominated the rest of the race. Behind Angelica took newcomer Johanna Nilsson from Örebro riders third place. With today’s victory strengthened his lead in the CX Aune Cup.

In the Grand Superclass took the cup leader Robert Österling management right from the start.

-I felt it was my only chance to get a head start and then defend it; and it succeeded I certainly, noted Robert that strengthened its cup leadership. Runner-up was Jan J, Borlänge CK.

In Prestige Elite Championship staked cup leader Magnus Darvell at knock, but competitors were ready and were brought in. Darvell In the high tempo broke up field and a cluster of five man emerged with Darvell, cuptvåan Emil Lindgren, Jens Westergren, Mattias Nilsson and Fredrik Edin from Cykloteket Racing Team. After several secession attempts mainly from Darvell and Lacey bedarrade tempo and all indicated that it was going to be a Sprint deal. But it was not, but the race was decided at the end of the last lap in that Wade pulled away from the others. Behind him was successful Darvell with something similar. In the final sprint for third place was Lacey before N in goal.

– I’m obviously pleased with today’s win, but I think the track was a little too simple and therefore managed none of utbrytningarna, says Wade for victory.

-Both Magnus Darvell and I made several attempts to escape, but today it was not possible, said Emil Lindgren with today’s third-place finish dropped the score to both Wade and Darvell.

Results Merida-Northwave CX-cup 2010

3rd round

Ladies Prestige Elite

  1. Karin Aune, Örebro riders, 37:34
  2. Angelica edvardsson, Cykloteket Racing Team, + 1:30
  3. Johanna BNilsson, Örebro riders, + 3:17
  4. Lisa Power, Faklu CK, + 4:13
  5. Mirella Ehrin, Team Cykelcity, + 5:18

Gentlemen Superclass

  1. Robert Österling, Falu CK, 41:37
  2. Jan J, Borlänge CK, + 0:10
  3. Adam Steen, Falu CK, + 0:20
  4. Ola Torstensson, Örebro riders, + 0:37
  5. Tobias Johansson, Almby CK, + 0:39

Men’s Prestige Elite

  1. Jens Westergren, Falu CK/Nishiki, 1:01:28
  2. Magnus Darvell, Falu CK/Pedalogerna, + 0:02
  3. Emil Lindgren, Rabobank-Giant, + 0:04
  4. Mattias Nilsson, Falu CK/Pedalogerna, + 0:04
  5. Fredrik Edin, Cykloteket Racing Team, + 1:02