Fishing Trips in Ibiza I: Denteon

The fishing of the dentist in Ibiza like anywhere else is not easy, much less. The photo is very beautiful but behind this “success” there is a previous work that does not guarantee success but that is an essential requirement to try to get a good piece.
 Fishing for a minimum of 7-8 calamary hours at dawn or the previous afternoon is already a challenge to tackle a morning with enough bait to test in a few accounts brands.

According to toolkitForFishing, those of us who practice this fishing know that it is most likely that we lose 3 or 4 squids because of the pitchers and another 2 or 3 per bites that are unsuccessful and we do not get a good nail.

After a time with desire to fish dentist we planned my father and I an exit Sunday to try to fish some for these holidays. Let me briefly explain how the morning has gone:

07:25: The alarm clock rings. God what laziness !!, but scabies with taste does not itch. A for all that the day promises (good foresight)
08:15: We leave for the fishing that assumes us an hour of road which we use to go riding rod, reel and rigging.
09:15: We reached our first signal at a depth of 35 meters. We spent 30 minutes and no trace of dents. We decided to change fishing and try another area at a deeper depth (40-60 meters).

Low Artesanal Currican Fund Denton And Serviola

09:45: We have the first sting that promises because it is impressive as it leaves thread of the classic Daiwa Gs9. However, after a short time and after tens of meters recovered, it was released, it looked like a tooth, although it could also be a servile. A shame.
10:15: After another zone change we decided to bet for a depth of 50 meters and after beating for about 15 minutes the area we have the second sting which also promises as the thread exit is also unstoppable the start.

Soon it allows us to recover line but gradually because every few meters collected the dentist continues its fight and prevents us from continuing to pick up thread.With a little patience the fish is gradually rising to the surface because the 10 minutes of struggle have exhausted it fast. Finally, it emerges to the “dead” surface without resistance.

Dent Weight: 6.55 Kg

10: 30-13: 00: We insist on the same area but nothing. Looks like they’ve come out on legs.

We tested new zones in depths between 35 and 60 meters and nothing, not a single touch.

n my opinion it is clear that the dentifrices are more active first thing in the morning. So, that for the next exit will play more early madrugar

Materials We Used:

Braided: Tubertini Concept X8 35 mm

Mother Line: Tubertini Gorilla UC4  0.70 mm

End line: Seaguar Neox Fluorocarbon  0.66 mm

3 hooks: Asari SOI 9/0

Daiwa GS9 Reel

Shimano Beast Master

Finally, I recommend that you take a look at the last chapter of this season of Gent de la Mar (online) where they show us how to fish the dents. The best are these people!