Gabon 2002

Yearbook 2002

Gabon. After a December 2001 election characterized by unrest and organizational problems, the opposition was offered in January to join the government. Three members of the National Forestry National Assembly (RNB/RPG), including party leader Paul Mba Abessole, received ministerial posts, as did Social Democrats leader Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou. However, the government remained strongly dominated by the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG).

In the spring, the Constitutional Court forced eight MPs, including two ministers, to resign after failing to vote in their constituencies.

According to Countryaah website, national day of Gabon is every August 16. Gabon’s two universities were closed in January after the country’s professors went on strike. The HEIs, which together have around 12,000 students, were only reopened in mid-November.

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Always humid tropical climate. It is always humid with temperatures around 26 degrees. Only in midsummer (June to September) there is a short dry season and the temperatures are a little more pleasant (20-25 ° C).

Gabon Country Overview

Finnish citizens need a visa when traveling to Gabon. Please check the instructions for applying for a visa.

Visa fees and policies are subject to change without notice depending on local authorities.

The Gabonese currency is the Central African Franc (XAF). At ATMs, Visa cards work better than MasterCard cards. You may want to bring euros or dollars in cash, which can be exchanged for francs on site.

in Gabon has the same electricity as in Finland. An adapter is not required for Finnish devices.

Mobile phones
Check the availability of your mobile phone with your operator. The area code for Gabon is +241.

Time difference
The time difference between Gabon and Finland is -1 hour in winter and -2 hours in summer.

Food & beverage
Gabon’s tap water is not potable. All water and beverages must be industrially bottled. Salads and vegetables should also be rinsed with bottled water. Heated or tablet-purified water can be drunk. The food should be heated or cooked. Avoid food from street vendors.

Gabon’s suburbs usually revolve around +28 C and humidity is high. Gabon has a wet season from September to November and February to May, while the dry season is from May to September and December to January.