Gemma Mengual of Tips for Getting Fit


The successful Spanish swimmer Gemma Mengual He has presented this year his book called”Operation bikini”, which presents a series of” Tips and plans of training to increase well-being, balance the body and enhance those personal qualities that will provide a healthy and slim figure.

For stay in shape and more than anything else to get a female body, Gemma gives us some tips so girls not athletes can start with simple and inexpensive exercises.

  • It is essential for the fun during the practice of sports that initially can be 15 minutes daily.
  • Do diet It is another of his advice, since with only healthy lifestyle habits a proper weight can be achieved and a body according to our wishes.
  • Gemma recommends exercises with suspenders, cufflinks and balls avoid an excessive muscle development, but they allow to get legs, arms and firmer chest, glutes defined, back in “V” shape and a flat belly.
  • You must not withdraw from sport because it makes one feel good and this feeling of well-being It is projected, it encouraged to care more and be even better.
  • Relieve stress through physical exercise contributes to sleep and accelerates the processes of physical and mental regeneration. Therefore, the benefits of sport are perceived within and outside.
  • The key for healthy living they are, for Gemma Mengual, sleep 8 hours a day, not smoking, not drinking and follow a diet Mediterranean, although the successful swimmer for their favourite dishes belong to Japanese cuisine.

These are some of the tips that synchronized swimming champion offers in his book. If you come from the hand of a beautiful woman who also lives healthy and constant activity, as it is more than reliable follow their tips to start a healthier world by the hand of physical exercise.

In addition, Gemma attributed their beauty and vitality to the sport and healthy eating habits, not to carry out a strict diet as many erroneously believe.

Therefore, be physically active and lead a balanced diet is, undoubtedly, the source of more effective, natural and economic health and beauty that can be found.