Haglofs – A Danish Brand for Outdoor

It has many types of products from Hagløfs on the shelves in stores and on the Internet. One of the most well known is their backpacks. The backpacks will be created in all imaginable sizes and with different options. Some are for example designed for the big hike. That is why it is room for a lot of equipment. It can both be sleeping bag, sleeping pad, small tents, utensils to Cook, and what else may come to be missing if you are on a trip in the outdoors.

Hagløfs is also the equipment and clothing for the common outdoor love

There are also smaller backpacks, which can be used for multiple purposes. There are many students who choose a Hagløfs backpack, since it has many different rooms. This can be handy if you are going to school and have shipped everything from school books, computer, packed lunch and tracksuit. That is why there is also a special compartment on some models, which are designed to hold a laptop in. It is upholstered and therefore perfect to carry your computer in, without taking damage.

At the same time, there are also some by Hagløfs backpacks that are waterproof or vanafvisende, so they are also practical to cycle around with in the Danish weather.

Hagløfs also produces shoes for recreational use, and where you need to be able to keep feet dry and warm over a longer period of time. Therefore, they are not only popular among mountaineers and serious hiker, but also among ordinary people, who would like to have a shoe that they can go a long way.

It can be people who go long trips with their dogs, or farmers, who spend a lot of time outside year round.